Samus Aran

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For the other Samus Aran, see Doctor Aran.
Samus Aran
Samus wields the Paralyzer in Brawl
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 10
Last appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 11
No. appearancesFew Times
SpeciesHuman (Chozo DNA infused + strands of Metroid DNA)
Date of birthCosmic year ~2000 (August 6, 1986, Gregorian Calender)
AddressNew Port City, Coruscant Republic
FamilyVirginia and Rodney Aran
(DYOS 10.5DYOS 11, divorced)
Nationality Coruscanti
CGBoS.png Brotherhood of Steel

Samus Aran is the protagonist in the Metroid series of video games. She is a bounty hunter with a strong dislike of space pirates. She appeared toward the end of DRAW Your Own Story 10 during the Battle of Arrakis, becoming the traveling companion and love interest of CivGeneral (nuts to you, Alyx).



Samus Aran was originally a native of the Earth colony K-2L. She was living with her parents, Rodney Aran and Virginia Aran, when, at the age of three, the colony was visited by the Chozo. However, a Space Pirate raid, led by Ridley, commenced on the colony. Samus herself had an encounter with Ridley, where she asked if they could become friends. Ridley was humiliated in front of his troops as a result, and attempted to kill Samus, before her mother pushed her out of the way. Virginia was subsequently killed by Ridley, while her father sacrificed himself to explode Ridley’s flagship. Little did Ridley know that, in killing Samus’s mother, as well as attempting to kill her too, he had succeeded in creating his enemy. Samus was the sole survivor of the attack. Eventually, the same group of Chozo found her alone and stranded on the destroyed colony. They brought her to their planet, Zebes, and raised her with Chozo influence. She was infused with Chozo blood, and later given the powerful bio-mechanical Power Suit, built entirely out of Chozo technology (far more advanced than the Enclave's Advanced Power Armor Mk II).

Samus’s “Zero Mission”

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After a long and harrowing search, the Federation Police tracked the Pirates to Zebes. They launched an invasion but Pirate resistance was strong. After much debate, the Federation decided to turn to Samus to infiltrate the base at Zebes. She was given two objectives.

Samus arrived on the Zebes and discovered that, to access Tourian, where the Pirate base was located, she had to kill the two Pirate leaders situated in the planet: her old foe, Ridley, and his partner Kraid. Samus fought him with a murderous lust, finally being able to avenge her parents’ death. Ridley was left nearly burned alive, but ultimately he did not die. Samus proceeded to kill all the Metroids she encountered but found that they were impervious to most weaponry. Only by exploiting their weakness to cold with the Ice Beam could Samus hope to overcome them. Samus arrived at Mother Brain’s chamber and proceeded to destroy her. The two entered an arduous duel but Mother Brain ultimately was defeated. Unfortunately for Samus, Mother Brain proceeded set off a countdown for the self-destruct of the entire Pirate base. Samus barely managed to make it out to her gunship in time.

Unfortunately, escape was not easy as Samus thought it would be. As soon she left the atmosphere, Space Pirate Fighters ambushed her , and Samus was shot down. Her ship crashed landed back on Zebes. Samus survived but the explosion had destroyed her Power Suit. The only weapon left available to her was a mostly-useless stun pistol. Her only option left was to sneak inside the Space Pirate Mother Ship, which had landed in the valley nearby, in hopes of hijacking a ship and escaping.

Becoming Metroid

Samus Aran depicted in Fallout 3
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SR388 was now free of Metroids, and so the Galactic Federation decided to send in a research party to investigate the planet. Due to her previous experience with the planet and its inhabitants, Samus was hired to serve as a guide to the researchers, to collect samples of life for the Biologic Space Laboratories (BSL). The researchers and Samus arrived on the planet, and when Samus and the troopers were trying to capture a Hornoad, a mysterious parasite injected itself inside Samus. Thinking nothing of it, the team continued on their mission. After their search was completed and the team returned to their ships, the parasite, which had infested her central nervous system, caused her to fall unconscious and drift her gunship into an asteroid belt. Fortunately, her escape pod was ejected from the ship and retrieved by the BSL.

The X had infected such large portions of her Power Suit that it had to be surgically removed, drastically altering her physical appearance. She was initially given a less than 1% chance of survival, but very fortunately the scientists discovered a cure: Metroids. The Metroids were discovered to have been created by the Chozo in order to exterminate the X. With this knowledge in mind, the scientists used a culture of Metroid cells extracted from the Infant Metroid to make a vaccine. The vaccine was an astonishing success; the X were completely purged from her body, curing her completely. The vaccine had some unexpected side effects on her body, however. Now that she was immune to the X, she could absorb them and channel them to restore her health. Samus also gained the Metroid’s trademark weakness to cold.

Mission at Nar Kreeta

The Galactic Federation, wary of the growing threat of Combine expansion after the events of the Avatar Wars and the aftereffects of the Resonance Cascade, dispatched Samus to investigate the Combine and undermine whatever threat their plans posed. Her mission was cut short after a Combine regiment captured her and disabled her power suit. The commanding officer ordered that she be thrown into the brig in Nar Kreeta, coincidentally in the same cell block where kulade had imprisoned Thunderfall.

Combine-Coruscant War

After months of imprisonment, she overheard plans to use a portal device to transport a "gem" to Nar Hutta. At the same time, she also heard of CivGeneral's exploits and achievements and grew curious about him, hoping him to be "the warrior [she's] been looking for". One night, she pretended to be asleep when a guard came in with the usual prisoner rations. She ambushed the Combine soldier with a simple knee strike and proceeded to silently sneak through the Nar Hutta Combine Citadel into the portal complex. Once in the portal complex, she oversaw the start of the portal device. Knowing that time was short for an escape, she took the chance and dashed right into the portal leading to Arrakis, destroying the portal device in the process.

After going through the portal, she arrived in the Gem Chamber. She was quickly caught along with CivGeneral's friends and other people in the Gem Chamber. Using her abilities, she wiggled out of the ropes and headed into the caves to find CivGeneral. She found him, battling his old avatar Mara Jade in a katana/lightsaber battle and ran to his side to help. Mara attempted to force-push her into the cave's depths, but luckily CivGeneral grabbed her arm in the nick of time and pulled her to safety. Samus gave Mara kindness in turn with a quick kick to the face, and CivGeneral finished her off with a backstab.

Space Pirate resurgences & The Haxs

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After hearing the news that the entire world's OT threads had been closed and the zany Iranian Dictator threatened to launch his nuclear weapons at Spamingrad if "he does not have his outlet of [insane ramblings and holocaust denials]", Samus and CivGeneral made haste to a nuclear fallout shelter to wait out the impending catastrophe. There was no nuclear winter, but the attack on Spamingrad left the world covered in a fallout of spam. With no resolution as to who actually pulled the plug on the internets, Major Kusanagi tasked Samus and CivGeneral with hunting down the Hacker and bringing him to justice. After crawling out of the vault, Samus and CivGeneral ventured forth across the spam-ridden wasteland until they came across an abandoned house and tried unsuccessfully to contact anyone.

After returning to New Port City, Samus and CivGeneral were sent to Zebes to take Mother Brain 2.0 offline (see Mission to Zebes). Upon emerging from the facility, they were ambushed by the Space Pirates and shot down as they tried to leave. Having no other choice, they infiltrated the Space Pirate Mothership to destroy it while stealing alternative transport. Little did they know that the ship was parked on top of a Chozo Temple; Samus witnessed CivGeneral inadvertently taking part in the trial in the temple, where he succeeded. Upon returning to the ship and overloading the reactor core, the two encountered Roxane Rose, who was following the two and acquired a transport to escape.

Samus and CivGeneral made rendez-vous with Marsha Conrad at Nar Kreeta to disable the Combine Portal Device. After CivGeneral was persuaded by the Combine officer to send the Advisors back to their home universe, Samus and Marsha worked together to transport the Advisors while CivGeneral threw the portal device into overdrive. Later they were contacted by a furious Hacker, who swore revenge. The Space Pirates invaded Nar Kreeta with the sole purpose of destroying the facility. The Hacker confronted Our Heroes and attempted to hack Samus out of existence; everyone assumed her dead while in reality the G-man intervened, placing her in stasis.

The Hacker later infiltrated the G-man's Realm where he "borrowed" Samus to fight against Jill Valentine for CivGeneral's heart. Both Samus and Jill fought a brutal fight, with Jill ultimately emerging victorious. Samus' legacy surfaced yet again as the basis of an army of clones manufactured by the Umbrella Corporation.


G.O.A.T. Results & Tagged Skills

  • Shift Supervisor
  • Energy Weapons
  • Big Guns
  • Unarmed (With the Tag! perk)
  • Sneak


Current Weapons

Small Guns

Energy Weapons

Misc Inventory

  • Zero Suit

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CivGeneral's love interest
Preceded by
Alyx Vance
DYOS 10.5DYOS 11
2009 – 2010
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