Sandy Cheeks

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Sandy Cheeks
"Don't you dare take the name of Texas in vain!"
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 10
Last appearanceN/A
Portrayed byCarolyn Lawrence
SpeciesEastern gray squirrel
Date of birthNovember 17, 1987
AddressTreedome, Bikini Bottom
OccupationScientist / Inventor
NationalityTexan, Bikini Bottomite

Sandy Squarepants, nee Cheeks is a Texan squirrel who lives in a self-contained oxygenated environment in Bikini Bottom (the Treedome). She is close friends with Spongebob and Patrick, and fortunately has enough wisdom to get them out of trouble.

Sandy is a high-ranking officer in the Free Western Army (specifically a Major), and has commanded Free Western forces in such campaigns as the Battle of Fort Schmerzen and the expedition to Arrakis.

In DYOS 10.5, she accepted Spongebob's proposal in Las Vegas, and they were married prior to the Battle of Los Angeles.[1]


During the FWA's liberation of London, the heroes' VTOL went down and Spongebob was killed by Agent Grimsby.[2] A devastated Sandy later went rogue to track him down, cornering and allegedly killing him in the bowels of Victoria Station.[3]

Later, while travelling as part of the FWA expedition to Wetickra, Sandy was wounded by a grenade and transported to a state of purgatory, where she was subjected to moral blowback. Just as Grimsby's spirit was about to torment her, Spongebob arrived, and the two returned to the living world, dropping in on CivGeneral's posse.[4]

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