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The Sardaukar are soldier-fanatics loyal to the Padishah Emperors of House Corrino, who rule the Known Universe (the Imperium) for over 10,000 years until the events of the first novel in the series, Dune. The key to House Corrino's hold on the Imperial throne, the Sardaukar troops are the foremost soldiers in the universe (outmatched only by the Fremen) and are feared by all. They are secretly trained on the devastated Salusa Secundus, the Imperial Prison Planet, which used to be quite a nice place actually until it was blown all to Hell. The harsh conditions there ensure that only the strongest and most "ferocious" men survive. It is noted of Salusa that "the mortality rate among new prisoners is higher than sixty per cent." Sardaukar training emphasizes ruthlessness, near-suicidal disregard for personal safety, and the use of cruelty as a standard weapon in order to weaken opponents with terror. In Dune, a Sardaukar Colonel sneers at Dr. Yueh's mere mention of the word "pity." Of the elite fighters it is noted that "The commonest Sardaukar trooper lives a life, in many respects, as exalted as that of any member of a Great House." Their uniforms are described as gray with silver and gold trim.


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