Second Galactic Empire

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Second Galactic Empire

Flag of the Empire Emblem of the Empire
Flag Emblem
Capital Imperial City
Languages English
Government Imperial dictatorship
Empress Mariko Antilles
Grand Vizier Tym Nightshade
 -  Mariko's Coup 4 August 2011
 -  Declaration of secession 6 August 2011
 -  Capitulation 27 July 2013
Currency Imperial Credits
Favourite pastime Quoting Sun Tzu

The Second Galactic Empire, also known as the New Empire, Second Empire, or Mariko's New Order, is a breakaway state of the Republic of Coruscant claiming to be the spiritual successor to the Galactic Empire from Star Wars. It emerges midway through DRAW Your Own Story 11 following a failed coup d'état by the remnants of the Umbrella Corporation,[1] serving as a secondary antagonist faction aligned with Pul Wat Aa during the invasion of Wetickra.[2]

The Empire was originally intended to feature as a recurring enemy in the sequel thread, but most of the ensuing civil war instead took place in CivGeneral's spin-off comic For the Republic, and by thread's start it is on the verge of defeat. Following the loss of Coruscant, Mariko abdicates to flee into deep space, and the Empire capitulates shortly afterward.[3]


The Republic of Coruscant's adoption of multilateral foreign relations in DRAW Your Own Story 10 provoked discontent within several nationalist and reactionary political factions, who believed that the government's increasing willingness to compromise on key national interests was weakening its international profile, with the Hokkaidō Question commonly cited as evidence that New Port could not maintain control of its own territories.[4] In Part II, Francis Durga claimed that Coruscant was no longer willing to defend its interests with force,[5] and CIA director Randy Johnson attempted to instigate his own coup,[6] but until the emergence of Mariko Antilles no large-scale act of rebellion was attempted.

Mariko believed Coruscant's gradual rejection of its imperial legacy since DYOS 10 had led to national decadence and cultural enfeeblement, blaming the New Port administration, and CivGeneral in particular, for leading the empire astray.[7] She conceived the August 4 coup as a 'wake-up call' that would demonstrate New Port's fallibility and spark an empire-wide uprising, through which she would install herself as empress.[8]


With the support of the Umbrella Corporation, Mariko led an armed insurrection into New Port City on 4 August 2011, capturing the armoury and laying siege to the downtown core for five days.[9] After murdering the senators for Coruscant, Kuat and Kessel, she announced the founding of the Second Empire the evening of August 6.[1] By the next day, Coruscanti armed forces had rallied and the insurgents fought their way to the New Port Citadel to steal control codes for orbiting Star Destroyers before evacuating from the Solar System.[10]

Consolidation of power

Although Mariko managed to escape with a sizable stockpile of weapons and equipment, the uprising failed to trigger the intended national revolt and for the proceeding weeks the Empire existed in name only. Pursuing a list of contacts provided by Edward Richtofen, Mariko gained the allegiance of the Obsidian Eclipse mercenaries, who overthrew the local government of Kessel, and former Imperial Inquisitor Tym Nightshade, who had been constructing a network of dissidents within the Coruscanti Navy that staged a mutiny to capture Kuat.[11] While Mariko commanded the main fleet in support of Pul Wat Aa during the siege of Wetickra,[10][2] the mutineers fought to secure strategic planets, culminating in the invasion and eventual conquest of Coruscant itself.[11]

Alternate flag of the Empire, seen in At Plot's End.

Decline and collapse

By the start of DRAW Your Own Story: At Plot's End, the civil war had been raging for roughly twenty years, during which time the Empire had lost several strategic planets and was under siege by Coruscant on the Galactic Center. Mariko was nearly killed when her palace was stormed, fleeing with her inner cabal into deep space.[12] Shortly before formally abdicating as Empress, she ordered an extensive liquidation of Imperial assets seemingly out of spite, prompting several officers to defect out of fear for their lives; the succeeding government under Grand Moff Ron Lee soon surrendered, and the Second Empire was officially abolished.[3]

Foreign relations and military

The Second Galactic Empire does not seek any sort of recognition from the nations of the pitiful Earth. The Empire looks down at the pathetic United Nations who's only purpose is to undermine expansionist nations.

The Empire's foreign policy was essentially Mariko's personal ideology writ large, stemming from a survivalist mentality that might made right. Imperial rhetoric commonly denounced CivGeneral and the Earth-based government as physically weak and socially degenerate, painting the Empire's victory as the triumph of a stronger organism over a weaker one.[1][10][12] Mariko disavowed any permanent designs on Earth, stating geopolitical power-plays were a waste of time and effort,[7] claiming it too politically fragmented to be capable of subjugation under a one-world government;[13] she insisted, however, that the rest of Coruscant could be kept in line through threat of force.

The Empire's few alliances were likewise formed for short-term utility, and could be broken at will if the partner was deemed expendable for national (read: Mariko's) interest.[8] After exploiting Umbrella's manpower during the coup she betrayed Mara Jade,[10] and secretly planned to lay waste to Wetickra if the Hacker was on the verge of defeat.[14]

The Empire's armed forces drew from legacy Imperial equipment, notably AT-ATs and Imperial-era Star Destroyers, and reintroduced stormtrooper armour and the grey-green officers' uniforms. While chosen partly for their symbolic value, Mariko appeared to believe they were superior weapons, reacting with disbelief when the Wetickra expedition routinely bested the Imperial garrison.[14] Imperial military doctrine relied on brute force and intimidation, including a plan to deploy planetary WMD on Wetickra, and technicians spent several years attempting to rebuild the Death Star.[15][16]

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