Second Nazi War

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Nazi Insurgency
Date1 September 1999 – 20 October 2001
LocationCoruscanti-held Connecticut
Result Coruscanti victory; Nazis routed from Earth
 Republic of Coruscant
German Republic
Commanders and leaders
Republic of Coruscant CivGeneral Unspecified

The Second Nazi War, commonly known as the Nazi Insurgency, was an attempt by remnant members of an ambiguous neo-Nazi microstate to re-establish themselves following the nation's capitulation to Coruscant in the First Nazi War. The conflict lasted nearly twice as long as the War of '96 but was comparatively less intense, and ended when Nazi high command fled Earth in a rocket ship.


During the War of '96, a number of atrocities were committed by Nazi officers against civilians and other non-combatants. As a result, the general staff fled following the capture of Little Fitchburg, and spend the following two years reorganizing the surviving army, supplanting their losses with the purchase of battle droids from off-world sources. Confident in their strength by 1999, they began military action against Coruscant, wresting control of its Connecticut colonies.

Lieutenant General CivGeneral was placed in charge of recapturing the territory and apprehending the officers impugned for war crimes. Connecticut was gradually regained over the next two years; while a number of enemy personnel were captured, much of the top brass once again managed to escape.

Nazi exodus

The Nazis executed their final escape clause in the form of a spaceship designed over the preceding years. Those who hadn't been killed or captured evacuated to the planet Helgan Prime and re-established their nation as the Greater German Space Reich. A number of these officials (Hickten, Schäffer, Ekkehard) would reappear in leading roles during the Third Nazi War.

Annexation of the German Republic

Months later, the German Republic would apply for annexation into the Republic of Coruscant. After the Wustman war, they were finally annexed into the Republic of Coruscant

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