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The "Siberian Lab", as seen in DYOS 6.

In broadest terms, Siberia refers to the entire Asian portion of Russia, stretching from the Ural mountains to the Bering Strait. Historically, Siberia is associated with Russian prisons since the days of Empire, especially the "GULAG archipelago" under the Soviet Union.

Although agricultural development is hampered by a short growing season, the soil in the southwestern steppes is exceptionally fertile. Siberia is also rich in mineral and energy wealth, although extraction of oil and gas reserves concentrated in the north is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Despite this, Siberian urban centres are quickly becoming boom towns thanks to the acumen of municipal representatives.[1]

Siberia is host to the "Siberian Lab", a secret military research complex of the Eastern Union. Its exact location is unknown, even after Stylesrj stuck his nose in and attempted to attack it. The facility concerns itself with projects at the super-national level, including Project AEGIS, and assumedly, Mjolnir.