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File:1989 simcity large.jpg
The Building of a Dynasty

SimCity is a city simulator created by Will Wright in 1985 and first published in 1989. The game was Maxis' first product and founded the company's tradition of spinning new games out of entirely different concepts; SimCity was derived from the map editor for Raid on Bungeling Bay after Wright found himself having more fun designing the maps than playing the game. Numerous sequels were spawned over the years, including SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, as well as the least popular SimCity Societies.

SimCity was the first open-world computer game, and the first in which the map itself was the object of the game. It is widely regarded to have inspired Sid Meier's Civilization, similar city builders such as Caesar, and the real-time strategy genre. Maxis described its products not as games, but as "software toys":

When you play with our toys, you set your own goals and decide for yourself when you've reached them. The fun and challenge of playing with our toys lies in exploring the worlds you create out of your own imagination. You're rewarded for creativity, experimentation, and understanding, with a healthy, thriving universe to call your own.

Some DYOSers, including Stylesrj and Perfection, have used SimCity as part of their comics.