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Slovenská republika
Slovak Republic
Member State of the Eastern Union
20% cooler than Russia's Hey France, this cross look familiar?
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Slovakia (dark green)
– in Europe (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union (green)
and largest city
Official languages Slovak
Government Parliamentary republic
National hero(es) Like, a bajillion people who invented half the stuff you take for granted, but you've probably never heard of them
 -  from Austria-Hungary 28 October 1918 
 -  from Czechoslovakia 1 January 1993 
Currency Euro
Major exports Ivan Reitman, Paul Newman's mother
Major imports Germans, Soviets

Slovakia is a country in Europe that, tragically, nobody remembers.[1] Despite this, it is a member of the European Union, NATO, United Nations, OECD, WTO, OMG, LOL, and Eurovision. Slovakia was wed to the Czech Republic for 74 years, but they divorced in 1993.


The strangest figures we saw were the Slovaks, who were more barbarian than the rest, with their big cow-boy hats, great baggy dirty-white trousers, white linen shirts, and enormous heavy leather belts, nearly a foot wide, all studded over with brass nails. They wore high boots, with their trousers tucked into them, and had long black hair and heavy black moustaches. They are very picturesque, but do not look prepossessing. On the stage they would be set down at once as some old Oriental band of brigands. They are, however, I am told, very harmless and rather wanting in natural self-assertion.

—Jonathan Harker[2]

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  1. Unlike their semi-neighbor, Poland, people actually forget that they forgot it. Others, who do remember it, quickly forget it again, as they are unable to determine whether the people there are Slovaks, Slovenians, or pirates.
  2. Stoker, Bram. Dracula. 1897. Project Gutenberg, 9 May 2008.