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Software pirates are, collectively, sea- and/or space-borne free market entrepreneurs. They emerged in DRAW Your Own Story 11, the HAX providing an optimal environment for their retail of counterfeit software. They are not a faction themselves so much as a collection of factions, as local politic varies by captain, and it is not uncommon to see two ships fighting with each other when the market renders such actions feasible. Although the software pirates are not known for long-lasting commitments, they will co-operate with those they perceive to offer worthwhile benefit, mutual or otherwise.

The software pirates were introduced by Thorvald of Lym, intended to serve as wildcard mercenaries during Hackergeddon. They were not picked up by other contributors and Thorvald's own obligations prevented him from developing them in detail, although he seeks to use them in a similar vein in At Plot's End.

Notable pirates

The Crimson Binome

The captain of the Saucy Mare, the Crimson Binome leads a well-trained, experienced crew. A veritable gentleman himself, he is not as prone to violent conflict as his counterparts, as the Mare adheres closely to the profit margin. The Crimson Binome is one of the more politically savvy leaders, and has frequently negotiated tactical alliances with his rivals in the field; for a select few, he has even partnered in mutual friendship.

Captain Locke

The Dread Pirate Locke, captain of the SS Banana, is a conventional buccaneer who has adopted software piracy more for the thrill of the thing than any long-term business model. Diplomatic negotiations in DYOS 6 discourage him from interfering with the Eastern Union, but he sees the rest of the world as free game. Kirill Gedeonin hires him to run interference against POPA–SIPPA in At Plot's End. While Locke can be hot-tempered, he also heads an identifiable bloc; although whether he plans to use the Pirate Coalition to further his aims in DYOS XII is yet to be seen.


Alias of a mysterious captain of an as-yet unnamed ship, which may be a play on the French Renard, since that is what he is. He has made recurring, non-canon appearances since DRAW Your Own Story 10. He does not enjoy the widespread recognition of his rivals in the field, but he is respected even by his enemies. Impeccable fiscal frugality disguises a directionless enterprise; his crew consists of fiercely loyal adventure seekers, and while he is not averse to negotiation, he prefers to maintain a ship free of commitment.

As suggested in his cameos, he and Captain Locke are not on the friendliest terms. Locke especially will not condone any agreement between their two crews imposed by a third party.