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Galactic Space Pirates

Blazing Claw 1.png
 Founder(s)  Ridley?
 Leader(s)  Mother Brain
 Notable members  The Hacker
"The feared and mysterious Space Pirates. In truth they are... a subordinate species that naturally follows the orders of a strong master. It is just like how the worker bees follow the queen bee, their hierarchal programming is decided at the genetic level."
Mother Brain

The Space Pirates are a highly aggressive alien race from the Metroid video game series that provide an ample supply of antagonists for Samus Aran. They frequently terrorize civilized worlds, plundering wealth and technology and/or acquiring slaves to advance their nebulous agenda of galactic conquest. In DRAW Your Own Story 11, they briefly serve as the Hacker's henchmen.


File:Space pirate.jpg
Space Pirate as depicted in the Metroid series. Also called Zebesians.

Space Pirates have been present since the early days of the Galactic Federation. They quickly established themselves as a fearsome force, necessitating the formation of the Galactic Federation Police. The Pirates were notorious for attacking and raiding vessels in one second, and disappearing the next. The Pirates would also lay claim to planets and render its natives their slaves. They were known to be so zealous in their right to rule that they would even refer to themselves as the rightful inhabitants of the planet, taking on the name of the race of the former inhabitants and referring to the true natives as their slaves. The Pirates have been responsible for some of the most disastrous events in Galactic history, such as the Phazon Crisis, and have been responsible for the raids of numerous planets, including Zebes, Bryyo, Norion, Elysia, Tallon IV, Naishii, Jigrad, K-2L, and the The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.



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With the collapse of the Galactic Federation in the lead-up to the Third Nazi War, the Pirates' chief resistance vanished virtually overnight. Ambitions redoubled, they began probing Mid-Rim systems that led to an expedition to Earth around the same time the Hacker was on the upsurge. Evidence recovered by the Republic of Coruscant revealed the Hacker and the Pirates were soon working together, prompting a commando expedition to Zebes.


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Samus and CivGeneral journeyed to Zebes to destroy Mother Brain 2.0, incidentally obliterating the Pirate Mothership in the process and crippling their command. Shortly thereafter, the Hacker organized an assault on Nar Kreeta that resulted in heavy losses. As the Hacker began to lean on Albert Wesker, and as Wesker rebuilt the Umbrella Corporation, the Pirates' stake in goings-on was quietly subsumed, and by the Hyrulian Insurgency they had effectively abandoned the Hacker.

They were also pwn3d hilariously by the software pirates.[1]

Armed forces

Armoured Space Pirates and a deathclaw] rider (Gmod)

Space Pirates rely on anything they can get their hands on, ranging from salvaged Bulk Transports refitted into armed warships, to forcefully "acquiring" warships from less powerful nations.

A notable trait of the Space Pirates is their avarice of power and technology. They have been known to tamper with their own genome, as well as other creatures', to create stronger versions of the original, evidenced by the use of Phazon to create the Elite Pirates, Phazon Elite, Omega Pirate, and Berserker Knights and Lords. They also experiment with foreign technology. Successful experiments include the Beam Troopers that utilize Samus's beam weaponry (although weaker than Samus's beams and vulnerable to the same beam weapons) and the use of Federation weaponry on the Elite Pirates. Unsuccessful experiments include the attempt to reverse-engineer Samus's Morph Ball ability, which caused several disfigurements and lolz.

The Space Pirates have somewhat tamed the deathclaws for use as war-beasts, using cybernetic components to modify their brains to render them obedient to the rider's commands. Unlike the Enclave-controlled deathclaws, the Space Pirates use them as mounts. Coupled with the ferocity of the deathclaw and the Space Pirates themselves, these fearsome "cavalry" would make anyone[citation needed] shake in their boots.


Space Pirates, although often vicious and cold-hearted, have been known to keep pets, such as gronkats, deathclaws, olbaps, and even Metroids (despite warnings that Metroids are not to be kept as such. This is shown on a Pirate Data scan in Metroid Prime, where they had to dispose of such pets due to Phazon madness. There is also a scannable warning to troops that soldiers caught using containment pods for "recreational uses" will be punished).

The Pirates are merciless to those who break their rules (although they have been known to use other less draconian forms of punishment, such as docking pay, cutting food rations, or assigning them potentially dangerous tasks). There are many posted warnings threatening execution for various reasons, and disloyal militia often end up killed and eaten by their superiors.


The Space Pirates regard themselves as superior and anyone below them as subordinate and unworthy. They are known to enslave rival factions and force their captives into slavery. It is common to see humans in the Space Pirate slave ranks. Most of the slaves perform manual labor the Space Pirates do not wish to deal with; some are conscripted as bodyguards, protecting their masters. Widespread abuse and the Space Pirates' superlative ideology have led to rampant discontent amongst the slaves. See: Roxane Rose

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