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The Type-25 Dropship, otherwise known as the Spirit or T25 T, is a Covenant infantry and logistical transport craft. It is generally thought that they ceased to be in widespread use after the Battle of Onyx.

Spirits are angular, tuning fork/U shaped spacecraft with two parallel personnel bays along the exterior of each "prong". They are known to be used to transport Elites, Jackals, Grunts, and Brutes. Hunters have been reported being seen coming out of the bays. Spirits have been known to ferry Covenant vehicles within the blue colored energy field between their prongs, usually Ghosts and Wraiths, or other small objects such as supply canisters.

The Spirit is a moderately large craft, similar in size to the Pelican dropship of the UNSC. Capable of powered flight and hovering, this dropship appears quite cumbersome and awkward to pilots based on battlefield observations but has been known to reach speeds of 350 kilometers per hour while cruising and has a suspected maximum speed of 1,100 kph.

The craft is a dedicated transport of infantry and vehicles. As such it possesses only one defensive weapon, a heavy plasma cannon nearly identical to that of the Shade plasma turret. The weapon is located beneath the main fuselage of the vessel. It fires slowly but with fairly high accuracy. The gun's invincibility makes up for its bad defense of the ship, as each bolt from the cannon takes a long time to reach its target, allowing for easy evasion especially when in a vehicle.

Around the time of the Battle of Earth, it would seem that the Spirits were completely replaced with the more heavily built Phantoms, though, since great numbers were probably produced, were still used in the Battle of Onyx.


A few Spirit Dropships have been seen in choxorn's fighter group of Pelicans, Longswords, and Phantoms, indicating that he probably used them a bit longer than the Covenant did in Halo. Or maybe he just was bored and they had a G-Mod model for it so he added it to the group.