Squidward Tentacles

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Squidward Tentacles
WHY must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with MISERY?!
"If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have,
I'd have one dollar."
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
No. appearances >= 3
Created by Stephen Hillenburg et al.
Portrayed by Rodger Bumpass
Species A cephalopod
Gender Male
Date of birth October 9, 1977
Age 40
Address 122 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Occupation Cashier
Nationality Bikini Bottomite

Squidward Q. Tentacles is one of the main characters in SpongeBob SquarePants, a mediocre clarinet player and narcissist with a flair for interpretive dance. His species is ambiguous, and has been referred to as both a squid and an octopus by the series' creators; his on-screen appearances favour the latter. Squidward lives in a Moai statue on the unenviable plot between SpongeBob and Patrick, and is often a victim of their antics. Despite what at face value appears to be a love-hate relationship, Squidward has on a few occasions affirmed that he does sometimes possibly appreciate SpongeBob.

The squidward scream.jpg

Squidward made a cameo appearance in DRAW Your Own Story 6, and became a slightly more recurrent character in DYOS 10 and beyond under e350tb. Squidward may be an officer of the Free Western Army owing to this comic.

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