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Star Wars is an extremely popular Sci-Fi saga. Initially containing an Original Trilogy of three movies (now known as Episodes IV, V, and VI), over the following 40 years it has come to include two additional live action movie trilogies, some spin-off movies, a CGI movie, one animated cartoon, two CGI cartoons, a Christmas Special (seriously), a few hundred video games, and 80 bajillion books.

If you ask a Star Wars Fan, 90% of this is crap, but thankfully most of it isn't canon anymore as of the 2013 acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney. (Did a shiver just run down anyone else's spine?)

The fame of Star Wars is eclipsed only by the fanboy outcry against the degree to which George Lucas pissed on his own legacy. The Original Trilogy followed the archetypal quest pattern (leading some people to consider it closer to fantasy than science fiction); then twenty years later, George thought it would be a smashing idea to 'expand' the universe with a host of improvements that eroded the mystique of the original story. He even had the gall to retcon the original trilogy, replacing Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen in the final scene of Return of the Jedi. Even this was eclipsed by the Blu-Ray edits for 2011, culminating in the ultimate bastardization of Vader. BLEED, BLEED, POOR FANBASE!! (Even if at least one user dissents and thinks that at least some of it is pretty okay - but what does she know?)

Lately a new 'Sequel Trilogy' has begun, safely outside of George Lucas's loving grasp. Episode VI shattered all kinds of box office records, but it remains to be seen whether these new movies will be better loved than the last trilogy.


Things from Star Wars have been used more times than anyone can count throughout DYOS, usually by CivGeneral. The Republic of Coruscant is probably the most prominent example of this borrowing present in the DYOS lore.

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