Stargate Command

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A base owned by Stylesrj. It was found under Cheyenne Mountain in DRAW Your Own Story 11 and was not discovered by the Enclave.

It has a device known as the Stargate which allows travel between different worlds through a cool watery effect.

It is also the base for Stylesrj's forces, depending on what sort of forces he feels like having at the time. So far, it's got Space Marines; the Adeptus Astartes type.

Spaceship Command

Stargate Command was converted into a spaceship and served a major role as the Fleet Command of Stylesrj's space fleet, providing spaceship construction and support roles.

After the Battle of Chiron, the crew relocated to Comet Observatory and the base was scuttled to prevent its acquisition as Stylesrj and Co. fled the Law Council of Australia.[1]