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Stylesrj has a lot of avatars, though it pales to comparison to Perfection's avatar collection

— CivGeneral
Stylesrj's former avatars that got a chance to shine
The avatars that did not get a chance to shine
Created by SEAL SEAL and thus could not be captured.

The Stylesrj Avatar Army is an army of Stylesrj's former avatars. In DYOS 5-9, he controlled them, using them either as avatars or as plot devices. In DYOS 10, they revolted like everyone else's avatars.

Note that only some of these were ever actually used as avatars by Stylesrj. Some, like Nazi SEAL, made appearances in DYOS as characters, usually for some joke or other, but were never used as avatars. Some weren't actually created by Stylesrj, but by SEAL SEAL, the leader of the army in DYOS 10 who had Stylesrj's Avatar Creation Powers.

There was one avatar that never even used in a comic by Stylesrj. That was Prophet SEAL, created by choxorn for his plotline between being rescued from Antarctica by Stylesrj and returning to Earth.

All of the SEAL's have some power or other, corresponding to whatever they are. UN SEAL, for example, has control of the UN.

Over the course of DYOS 10, several of them were killed or captured, but unlike with most of the other DYOS'ers, it's hard to tell if they were actually defeated or were just put into hiding. One of them, SEAL SEAL, later surfaced as Commander Laes Dragonhelper.