SuBi's Scavenger Hunt

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SuBi's Scavenger Hunt was a contest proposed by SuperBeaverInc. during DRAW Your Own Story 6. The requisite items were:

  • A dodo;
  • Jimmy Hoffa;
  • Picture of Bigfoot;
  • Location of Carmen Sandiego;
  • The Faroe Islands;
  • The O RLY? owl; and
  • A funny pun

The first six items were quickly found following the opening of the contest, but the subjectivity of humour made the seventh item the only true challenge. Some simply gave up, others asserted themselves ad nauseum, and a select few tried to find a working range. Ultimately, nobody succeeded, and the contest was closed.


The unclaimed prize resurfaced later on an online auction. The Intergalactic Space Penguins seemed determined to claim it with a starting bid approaching a real total of $999,999.99. Thorvald of Lym submitted his own wager of $999,999.99 and one rouble, and ultimately won.

It was, without a doubt, the highest price paid for a can of spam.