Succession paradox

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Following the cliffhanger ending of DRAW Your Own Story 10, the contributors decided to split the story into two simultaneous sequels, DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 for the Gem arc, and DRAW Your Own Story 11 for The Hacker. While beginning on the premise that the two threads constituted separate continuities, DYOS 10.5 the "direct" sequel and DYOS 11 a "fresh start", for varying reasons a handful of contributors (chiefly CivGeneral) began treating DYOS 10.5 events as preceding DYOS 11, and the two threads became canonized as part of the same timeline. However, both threads date themselves in relation to the present day, creating a paradox wherein events of DYOS 10.5, although regarded as past history in DYOS 11, occur around the same date or have yet to happen.

For instance: Samus weds CivGeneral on February 11 in DYOS 10.5; on May 9 in DYOS 11, she is thought to be hacked out of existence. Chronologically their marriage lasts three months, but within the story at large they are wedded for much longer. Similarly, Bernard Montgomery is killed after Phillip Grimsby overthrows the British government in DYOS 11, while in DYOS 10.5 he continues as commander of the FWA.

The succession paradox has been recognized by characters in both threads, pointedly when the Hacker gives the completed DYOS 10 story to CivGeneral while acknowledging it has not yet finished.[1] In what is conversely the most poignant subversion, Rudolph Krieger literally leaves DYOS 11 to participate in the prequel.[2]