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The superbots were a not inconsequential plot development that emerged toward the end of DRAW Your Own Story 8. Thunderfall and Lefty Scaevola had designed an artificial intelligence so advanced that it was able to mimic human behaviour. Although the superbots were benign, they were decommissioned after failing to improve the academic atmosphere of Off-Topic and were left derelict in the NES Forum.


File:Bot Facility.PNG
The "Facility", soon after construction.

In DYOS VIII, the entire CivFanatics site was rendered a no-go zone after an unidentified assailant hacked the site such that computers would physically overload when a forumer attempted to log in. The ever-curious Thorvald of Lym developed an urge to journey to the site itself, accompanied by Bjørn. They discovered CivFanatics in a state of disrepair, but closer analysis revealed a coordinated attack on security systems while leaving transport infrastructure intact.

Thorvald and Bjørn were met by BananaLee, one of the few forumers who attempted to stave off the attack. He guided them to the thread that housed the "Facility", the research centre where the moderators had experimented with the bots. The facility had been vandalized and the code stolen, but an otherwise stable world situation suggested the technology had not been decoded. Bjørn hypothesized that the exploitation of site resources was a smokescreen for the theft of the information.

Soon after, the Iranian army arrived via underground tunnel in search of the Answer. The trio followed them to a radio station just outside, where Bjørn searched communication records as reinforcements were called to secure the area. They were soon joined by CivGeneral; unbeknown to either party, the Brotherhood of Nod began observing their activities. Although Thorvald told CivGeneral who the culprit was, the thread was closed before the name could go public.