Swedish–American War

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Swedish–American War
Part of DRAW Your Own Story 9
We had to wait a whole 'nother thread for that!
Postwar debriefing
Date2 – 4 September 2007
Status Concluded
 United States  Eastern Union
Commanders and leaders
United States George Blake Eastern Union Unspecified
6 troops
1 landing ship
36 troops
Casualties and losses
6 captured None

The Swedish–American War (2–4 September 2007) was a brief, bloodless conflict between the Eastern Union and United States during DRAW Your Own Story 9. The war was a result of Fredrik Reinfeldt sending an expedition to plant a Swedish flag at the North Pole, augmenting an already tense situation sparked by a Russian expedition. George W. Bush, claiming the Swedish expedition was a covert terrorist attack, announced it would fly to Canada's aid and promptly declared war.

The Union initially thought America was bluffing, as for the first two days no troops were mobilized. Then Georgie Kalanin publicly swore allegiance to the Swedish armed forces, and at the encouragement of Dick Cheney, Bush ordered a marine attack. The unit, under command of Colonel Blake, was critically underpowered (cited by the defending Union officer as a result of prior commitments to Iraq), and the single squadron was easily overpowered by the Union defenders. America, opting not to further its casualties, sued for peace immediately afterward.

Fun Facts

  • Thorvald originally planned to feature Norwegian troops as the defending forces, but he could not get the addon to work in Operation Flashpoint (a problem that persisted until the tail-end of 2009), and so used the default 1985 Soviet uniform.

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