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All I know is my gut says maybe

—Neutral President, Futurama

Think of Switzerland and make it a star system.

The Switzerplanet System is one of the most dangerous star systems in the galaxy. It is surrounded by asteroids of various sizes and speeds, making it a serious navigational hazard to any ship entering the area.

Hostile forces are subjected to even worse punishment. Many of the asteroids have a military base constructed within, armed with powerful defense guns or fighter craft. The planet's military are all qualified to fly starships and are highly trained.

It is truly a neutral star system however and does not take part in any other galactic conflict, content to deal with its own issues.

Because of their neutrality, Switzerplanet is a safe haven for hiding money, as there is a non-disclosure policy of bank accounts. Many people, from rich CEOs to evil geniuses use Switzerplanet for hiding money from the prying eyes of investigators and lawyers.


From closest to the star to furthest)

  • Geneva I (Research & Development labs)
  • Bulle II (Population Centre)
  • Zurich III (Capital & Banking)
  • Arbon IV (Agriculture)
  • Nyon V (Military Installation)

Behind the scenes

Switzerplanet was cooked up in DYOS V by Stylesrj when he was still a rival to CivGeneral. Whenever Mjcommie created a doomsday device, CivGeneral would blow it up instantly, including the facilities that stored the device's plans.

Mjcommie then commented he had the real plans for his devices in his Switzerplanet bank account and it was explained to be very dangerous for hostile forces to invade.

Switzerplanet was then forgotten after that, but it made a comeback in DYOS 10.5 as it really being a star system and also home to many mercenary groups.