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The TARDIc; not to be confused with the TARDIS.

The TARDIc (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Comics; soft 'c' to conveniently allow it to be pronounced 'Tardis') is the ship of choice for Kan' Sharuminar and a large amount of CFC characters to be used at his convenience. It allows him to travel between contributors' comics—and to leave—with very little interference to the overall plot, such as it may be.

History of the TARDIc

The history of the TARDIc pre-DYOS 8 is unknown, though it can be assumed that it was during this period Kan' grew the machine, given his sporadic appearances since DYOS 5. Though it has the ability to assume any outward appearance, Kan' keeps it in its British police-box configuration, often muttering something about doctors and maintaining the cultural heritage of Britain.

The first known appearance of the TARDIc came with its materialisation on the Titanic, moments before it struck the iceberg. By sheer coincidence several other members of CFC were also aboard, and were promptly rescued by Kan' and taken to safety. For months the TARDIc went unseen as Kan' travelled between comics via the ships of other contributors.

It finally reappeared during the events of the Consul Hostage Situation, providing another handy escape-route for Kan' and his comrades as the zombie menace nearly overwhelmed them.[1] Since then it provided transport to the Gem Chamber at Arrakis, where Wallace Breen captured it, intending to use the ship for transporting the Gem. Timely intervention by CivGeneral saw it returned to Kan's control.[2]

Following Arrakis, the TARDIc crashed its way through the events of DYOS X-2,[3] before finally arriving in DYOS XI.[4] It was instrumental in rescuing the Gogf from its crash-site in Poland, though in doing so was taken over by the nefarious Till.[5] From his safe location within the TARDIc, Till unleashed a series of attacks on CFC before a defence program—left by Kan'—caused him to crash-land into the Gogf.[6]

During the events that followed, the TARDIc remained mostly inactive. When the Gogf, and by extension the entirety of the Off-Topic members, became threatened by an outside force it took control and transported the ship to the lands of Off-Topic.[7] Till then utilised the TARDIc to gather the passengers and crew of the Gogf and evacuate them before the airship was destroyed.[8] After this, the TARDIc was stolen by an outside force.[9]

Design and Systems

Being (literally) a young vessel, the TARDIc is still growing, accounting for the continuously changing design details both on the exterior and outside. Minute details of a TARDIc can easily be seen to transform between comic panels on account of this. The vessel is, quite obviously, bigger on the inside, though quite how big is unknown. It held the surviving members of the Consul during the Hostage Crisis as well as various CFC members. It can be assumed the size and number of interior rooms are also in flux.

Access to the TARDIc is only granted to those with the proper key, otherwise it can be considered totally inaccessible.

Current Occupants


Behind the Scenes

  • The current TARDIc design is based on the Doctor Who TARDIS interior used from 2005–2010, though with a larger control panel and a treehouse.

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