Ta Hun Kwai

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Ta Hun Kwai
Tanks, move faster, before our opponent considers an actual attack!
"Tanks! Build more tanks!"
Allegiance This flag will crush you beneath my treads China
Service/branch PLA
Rank General, Class AAA

Ta Hun Kwai (他很快, literally, "He [is] very fast") is a Class AAA general in the People's Liberation Army from the game Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour specializing in armoured tactics. Kwai was originally introduced by Thorvald of Lym in DRAW Your Own Story 6 in a cameo role, then further used by Stylesrj for a plotline that made little sense later on then was recast in DYOS 8 by Thorvald in an attempt to combat rampant character stereotyping by Stylesrj. Future appearances, however, have been under Stylesrj's influence. For a time, Kwai lampooned Doctor Who with a time-travelling double-barrelled Battlemaster tank; currently, he endeavours to "reclaim" the Gem at all costs.

General Leang has taken it upon herself to curb what she sees as Kwai's arrogant attitude as a running gag.

Whenever Kwai is around, Leang is not too far to be seen and normally appears whenever Kwai quotes one of his lines from Command & Conquer Generals.


General Kwai and General Leang have made an effort to take over narration for DYOS XI for Stylesrj's comics, after they ran over and shot the last narrator.

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