Taillenian Empire

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Taillenian Socialist Republic
ca. 2006


Capital None (abolished)
Languages Engrish
Religion None official
Government Socialist People's Republic (aka despotic dictatorship)
 -  DYOS 5–DYOS 6 Taillesskangaru
Chief of staff (acting)
 -  DYOS 10 Rocket
 -  Established Year Zero
(DYOS 5, 2006)
 -  Retrenchment and reformation ca. DYOS 6, 2006
 -  Restructured as the Cosmonarmada Vostok DYOS 10.5, ca. 2009
Area Ever-increasing!
Currency Currencies are for capitalists!
Time Zone abolished
Major exports Revolution, anarchy, nuclear explosions
Major imports Coruscanti bullets, shells, missiles, lasers, etc
Appears in DYOS 5, DYOS 6, DYOS 10
Dependents Global Defense Treaty
Current status Defunct
Drives on the far left

The Taillenian Empire, formally the Taillenian Socialist Republic (commonly nicknamed Taillenia) was a fictional Sovietesque union ruled by Taillesskangaru in the powergaming era. The empire was founded with Tailless' entry in DRAW Your Own Story 5, and participated in the Partition of Earth later in that thread. Taillenia effectively ceased to exist as a geopolitical entity by the end of DYOS 6; remnant forces led by Rocket briefly appeared during the Avatar Wars, and were reorganized in DYOS 10.5 as the Cosmonarmada Vostok.

Official Fact Sheet

  • Official Title: Taillenian Socialist Republic
  • Capital City: Taillenium, California, later moved to New Taillenium, Mexico, briefly moved to Moscow, Russia.
  • Official Languages: None
  • Demonym: Taillenian (Taillenist, Taillenese, Taillenistani also used)
  • Government: "Socialist" "Republic"
  • Creation: DYOS 5, to unite the lands conquered/pillaged by Taillesskangaru into something resembling a country.
  • Mandate: To safeguard the sovereignty of this sacred union of nations; to promote peace, ensure a decent living standard and guarantee freedom for all the... aww, what the hell. We want to conquer the world! Mwahahaha! Onwards my minions!
  • Base of Operations: Global, but mostly in California, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.
  • Political Strength: Rules a sizable portion of the world through plot holes and various plot devices.
  • Economic Strength: Able to afford endless cut-and-paste units.
  • Military Strength: Invincible military, same as everyone else.
  • Affiliates: Global Defense Treaty, a loose alliance of puppet like-minded nations.



On his entry into DYOS 5 Taillesskangaru immediately set about derailing the thread by launching over 9000 nukes and ioncannoning Germany. Soon realizing that he's not the only one with unstoppable armies in that thread, he settled down in California where he promised the people freedom and security and cookies. He instead imposed a communist dictatorship. Who would've seen that coming?

DRAW Your Own Story 5 and 6

Taillenia eventually come to rule all of the west coast of North America, Australia, New Zealand, European Russia and Scandinavia, after the Partition of Earth among the various DYOSers. At one time, most of the world was either under the rule of the Taillenian Empire or the Republic of Coruscant. Taillesskangaru eventually got bored of the whole World War thing and sold the empire to C. Montgomery Burns, who in turn sold it to Bill Gates. The "Microsoft Empire" didn't last long, and soon the war ended with Perfection killing everyone.

Redesign of the flag of Taillenia circa February 2013; not seen in canon.

At the close of DYOS 5 and leading into DYOS 6, what was left of the Taillenian Empire and its Starfleet was salvaged by Taillesskangaru who nominally reformed the TSR, then used the Starfleet (under the command of Hannibal) to take over CivFanatica to find the Mod's Fridge. This new order, however, proved fragile in the hostile climate. After Taillesskangaru went on hiatus the reformed TSR and the Starfleet slowly faded into irrelevance. When he came back he tried to build a new Taillenian Empire in the city of Sidpolis but the experiment withered during Genghis Khan's war of great pwnage, and died after excessive flaming brought the Great Mods upon DYOS 6.


What remained of the Starfleet was scattered around the universe. Taillesskangaru became an alcoholic, sobered up, and decided to renounce his past and became a freelance space traveler. The remnants of the Taillenian Starfleet wre called on from time to time by both Taillesskangaru and Rocket when either of them needed heavy artillery. Taillenia's last appearance was during the Battle of Moscow in DRAW Your Own Story 10, after which surviving forces were reorganized under Hannibal as the Cosmonarmada Vostok.