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Taillesskangaru (DYOS character)
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 5
Last appearanceN/A
No. appearancesA few times
Nickname(s)TK, Tails, Tailless
Date of birthSeveral conflicting accounts
AddressCharacter is nomadic
  • Ex-Premier of the Taillenian Empire
  • Freelance tyrant/liberator (depending on mood)
  • Interplanetary traveler
  • Treasure hunter

For the DYOS Contributor, see User:Tkangaru.

Taillesskangaru (also known as Tailless or TK, real name Sebastian, birth name unknown) is an anthropomorphic kangaroo (sort of). He first emerged as a left-wing dictator in DYOS 5, but today is somewhat of a Jack-of-all-trades depending on the social climate.

A man of contradictions; the serious, withdrawn, shy introvert, but also the hot-headed, belligerent, ambitious adventurer. He seems to be quite content living with this contradiction. Not surprisingly, it makes him quite unpredictable.

Despite the name, Taillesskangaru is not tail-less and does not strictly resemble a kangaroo, either.

Character Development

Taillesskangaru first appeared in DYOS 5 as a left-wing dictator and wannabe world conqueror. He was initially depicted as a crude Paint drawing of the real life taillesskangaru, but soon the depiction settled into that of his avatar; the Rocketry tech icon from Civ4. "Rocket" enjoys powergaming and ruled over a large section of Earth as the leader of the Taillenian Empire.

Between DYOS 6 and DYOS 9, the character's personality changed, turning somewhat quieter and less evil than before, and he now travels the galaxy as a freelancer. The Rocket avatar became a character in its own right from the beginning of DYOS 10 onwards when it rebelled during the Avatar Wars; Rocket's personality resembles the explosive, highly belligerent and criminally incompetent Taillesskangaru from DYOS 5; recently he's shown to be more of an evil schemer.

From around the middle of DYOS 6, Taillesskangaru (the poster) started using kangaroos as his avatar, and the DYOS character likewise began to be depicted as an anthropomorphic kangaroo (or, at one stage, a kangaroo origami). Except for a brief arc in DYOS 10 when the character became "fused" with Rocket, the character has been consistently depicted as a kangaroo ever since, though one with a human-like body.


The Taillenian Empire

See main article: Taillenian Empire. See also: Rocket


After the destruction of the Taillenian Empire, Taillesskangaru renounced the laws of society and became something of a rogue freelancer. He travels around the galaxy, looking for exotic places and treasure, combating injustice, and generally doing whatever he feels like at the time. For the most part he tries to avoid conflict but, given his lifestyle, he inevitably gets drawn into them.

DRAW Your Own Story 9

Taillesskangaru somehow ended up in Iraq by the start of the Quest for the Scrolls of Cohesiveness, staying at the budget Hotel Babylon (proudly plague-free). As battle raged at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon between the CFCers and Saddam Hussein's army, all Taillesskangaru wanted was to sleep in. This however proved impossible after a Coruscanti missile destroyed the Hotel.

Stumbling out of the ruins, he was horrified to see the Hanging Gardens being bombed by the belligerents. A brief and ultimately uneventful encounter with Genghis Khan followed. With the Mongol conqueror off to join the fight for the Scrolls, Taillesskangaru resolved to try to save the Hanging Gardens.

He was soon recognized as one of the infidel CFCers and chased by Saddam's forces. Taillesskangaru evaded his pursuers, but in the process set foot right inside Saddam's own control room. This triggered a self-destruct mechanism, but he was able to warn the rest of the DYOSers inside the building and swiped a CD marked "TOP SECRET" on the way out. He didn't quite make it, though, and the blast of the explosion somehow caused the artist to become lazy and temporarily morphed him into a stick-figure. This, however, allowed him to elude Saddam's patrol who was looking for a kangaroo.

Taillesskangaru then stole a UN helicopter and headed for the North Pole, where everyone else was going. He arrived just in time to see a routine nuclear denotation. He was last seen in the thread being tortured by the Environmentalist Inquisition at the North Pole.

DRAW Your Own Story 10

Part 1: The Avatar Wars

Former avatars (including Rocket) rebelled against Taillesskangaru during the initial phase of the Avatar Wars. TK himself, however, did not know of the plot, and traveled to Central Asia not knowing they had set up a trap. Flying a stolen Soviet helicopter over Tajikistan, he spotted a palace in the mountains and landed, hoping to find treasure. One of the rebellious avatars was lying in wait ready to kill him, but did not get the chance. At the palace, TK met a mysterious cloaked individual who explained the situation and told him of the Supreme Avatar Commander.[1] TK was joined by Stylesrj and Co. at the Palace when they were ambushed by the rest of the avatars, but managed to escape. They traveled to Apolyton, where TK foolishly entered an abandoned Command Center and was, presumably, eaten alive by ferocious monsters.[2]

Taillesskangaru survived somehow and, breaking the fourth wall in the process, traveled back to Earth.[3] He briefly joined CivGeneral and Thorvald of Lym in their struggle against the Avatars. During one of the many space battles one of the rebel avatars, Rocket contacted Taillesskangaru and offered to defect in exchange for Thunderfall's death and half of planet Earth.[4] The trio decided to give him the Earth's core instead (and not kill TF, of course). GuitarHero retrieved the "Earth's core" from Hell, killing Satan in the process.[5] Unfortunately, Taillesskangaru was then killed and eaten by the "Earth's core", which was really the (zombified) Monkey Statue of Spamuzel.[6] After mythmonster2 restrained the monster, GuitarHero delivered it to Rocket, with predictable consequences.[7]

Taillesskangaru got better, but his soul and personality was fused with Rocket's.[8] Rocket's personality was dominant, but did not have total control, resulting in a power-hungry schizo maniac. Rocket rebuilt the Taillenian Army and marched on the Eastern Union capital, attacking Coruscanti, Eastern Union and Avatar forces alike during the final battle against the SAC.[9] After the SAC's defeat, Taillenian forces took over the ruins of the Palace, and Rocket descended into the tunnel system underneath the Palace looking for treasure, leaving choxorn under armed "protection".[10] Unfortunately, the DYOS 1 Zombies were on the loose, and turned both choxorn and the Taillenian Army into zombies.[11]

After less-than-friendly encounters with CivGeneral and Co., Rocket and choxorn were trapped in Nothingness before Taillesskangaru's Narrator bailed them out (at a price).[12] After this, Rocket's and TK's personalities were separated again. TK arrived back on the scene just as the others were about to leave for Arrakis, but was kidnapped by the Narrator and forced to work for him in finding the Gem.[13] This, however, became a secondary objective after the Giant Death Robot designed to assist them in that mission turned rogue, and stopping it became the priority, with the result that Taillesskangaru was one of the few characters not present in the Gem Chamber at the close of DYOS X.

Part 2: Plan Within Plans

At the end of DYOS X Taillesskangaru was named as one of the two "Chosen Ones" - one of two people who could handle and harness the Gem's mystical powers (the other is choxorn).[14] The Space Nazis knew of this, and dispatched their forces to Wetickra, the headquarters of the Clone Guild, where Taillesskangaru was looking for a mystical object. Having dodged Nazi patrols, Taillesskangaru triggered a trap door beneath the patch of grass he was lying on, and fell...[15]

Tailless was later found captured by the Clone Guild. Having found the Anti-Gem, he was betrayed by Rocket prior to the meeting with Hannibal. Colonel Mark Sykes attempted to secure his power as the Chosen One by transplanting his characteristics into an obedient clone via a device named "Jack the Ripper". During the process the base was attacked by Vostok troopers who damaged the machine and rescued Tailless; although his condition thus far is unknown.[16]

Personas of Taillesskangaru

DRAW Your Own Story 11

Taillesskangaru has appeared in DYOS 11, but not in any major canonical significance. He appeared in a short homage to Charles Schulz in the first of "Why hasn't x been making comics lately"[17], and then more "officially" when he was fished out of the sea by one of Zheng He's sailors.[18]

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