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If I had to leave my husband, I'd much rather go back to dating Miranda!

Rhiza Kalanin on Tama Shepard
Tama Shepard
Yes, it is over 9000!
Shepard depicted in Mass Effect 2
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story XI
No. appearancesToo many
Nickname(s)Some Airhead (By Stylesjl)
Date of birthIN SPAAAACE!
AgeBetween 30-40 years
  • Pistol Expert
  • Obstacle Smasher
  • Barrier Creator
Spouse(s)Liara T'soni (Girlfriend)
RelativesUnknown Father, many brothers & sisters

Commander Tama Shepard (Or just Shepard to those outside her family) was a former addition to the Blood Gulch Mercenaries.

She was one of the oldest in her family of assassins, having racked up a lot of combat experience throughout her years.

DYOS History

This isn't over Ashley! You will pay for this!

— Commander Tama Shepard

Shepard used to work for The Department of Affirmative Action Australia, under a woman named Ashley Williams. Her last assignment was to help promote the use of minorities by any means, which included killing.

She was then forced into Stylesrj's main team after killing Rodney McKay and was left stranded by her boss. Vowing revenge, she decided to throw herself to the mercy of the group she was brought into.

There was an assassination attempt on the team shortly afterwards by her sister, Dalia Shepard, but thanks to the application of a few explosive rounds, stopped her. The tea warmed up to her for a bit, but there was still dislike for her as she barely had been on the team for a day.

During the Battle for Project Titan, she helped out with fire support and even preventing an escape attempt. She also reconnected with her younger brother, Marth Shepard


Her death came at the end of the battle as she was helping Stylesrj's team escape an imminent explosion. She fought off against a massive Iranian war machine and was left for dead.

Miraculously, even after being crushed and caught in the main blast wave, she was still alive, but unable to move. Her final death came when Talon Company arrived on the scene and shot her in the head.


Talon Company, after shooting her then went to resurrect her from the dead. They even implanted Project Titan into her.

Knowing that she wouldn't be liked by any faction, she broke out of containment and even got into a fight with the Blood Gulch Mercenaries before being subdued and cryogenically frozen.

She was then thawed out by CivGeneral and company and a choice was made to have her killed or to placed back into the Mercenaries' main team. The latter was chosen and she soon returned to her old self.


I've had enough of your snide insinuations

— Tama on a good day

Shepard normally is an aggressive person, with little tolerance for long explanations. When around friends or family (the ones she likes) however, she is seen to have a softer side

She also tends to be very flirty around other women in a poor (or good) attempt to seduce them. Unlike Taniciusfox who normally makes only the one attempt, Shepard is quite persistent and would make repeated attempts. This is especially prevalent around Rhiza.


This is the greatest handgun ever made. The Spectre Master Gear HMWP X. Limitless bullets... More than enough to kill anything that moves.

— Commander Tama Shepard, paraphrasing Revolver Ocelot


Shepard normally wears basic clothing when not suited up for combat. Because the Observatory is mostly free of combat, she is seen wearing this outfit normally. [1]

While not as strong as her armour, Tama's clothing allows easier mobility and can block small calibre firearms.


File:Old Armour Shepard.png
Shepard before she joined the party

Shepard had a suit of light red/black armour from Colossus Industries, but this was never seen again after McKay's funeral.

She also had a desert camouflage/black suit of armour. The armour had an advanced shielding system, which can be flipped into a light deflector, allowing the equivalent of Thermoptic Camouflage and a laser deflector.

Her newest armour, given to her by Talon Company is much more bulkier, but it has several advanced features, including more powerful shields, several ammunition bags, and an eyepiece/scouter that can read power levels that are OVER 9000![2]



Shepard is seen wielding a pistol in combat situations. Her previous pistol has semi-automatic capabilities and is armed with High Explosive Rounds, a deadly bullet type which can cause serious damage to any target, but due to the heat generated, only really gets three shots before the gun has to cool down.
Her newest pistol is a Carnifex Hand Cannon, a weaker variant, but still powerful with an easy-load Thermal Clip system and a heat sink as she "hates having to reload after six shots"


Tama has several disc-shaped mines which can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as shield overload, weapon disruption and even a few with several sharp spikes to impale enemies before exploding on them.
These are used rarely though, due to losing her old loadout when she was killed.[3]


Tama's current size makes her quite powerful in hand-to-hand combat. She can push a path through much shorter enemies quite easily, backed up with some hand-to-hand combat expertise.

Special Abilities

I said... FREEZE!

— Commander Tama Shepard immobilising her subjects

Shepard's main skills rely on psychic powers and being a crackshot with a pistol.

She also is seen to be quite strong, mostly due to her size and hand-to-hand combat experience. Be careful when receiving a hug from her.


Her psychic powers are called Biotics, which are advanced biotech that uses an unknown energy source, much like how Lucifer uses his powers. Her powers are mostly used to lift objects into the air, throw them over long distances or even freeze them in place so they can be detained if the object in question is hostile.

She can also generate a field around herself which allows almost instant teleportation into a target. This usually results in either a massive collision that sends them flying or in rare cases, telefragging. The excess energy is then used to regenerate her shields.

Mind Control

With the integration of Project Titan, Tama can influence another person's mind, from simple hypnotism to complete dominance (although this saps her concentration immensely.) This, combined with her personality could mean trouble to weak-minded people.

Project Titan

During the Carp Crisis, it was found the word "Mudkip" unlocked Project Titan's powers. While it saps a lot of energy, she can so far resolve minor issues of powergaming. This has also made her eyes a permanent yellow in glow.

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  1. and sometimes even be wearing it on missions when she is rushed for time.
  2. But she rarely actually uses it, normally going into combat wearing only her casual clothing
  3. Also because Mass Effect 2 hasn't got those weapons in it.