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Tanicius Fox (DYOS Character )
Tanicius Fox, as drawn by Matthew Pegues
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance N/A
Nickname(s) TF[1], Tani, TF not the admin or non-admin TF, SonicTH
Aliases Marius Shadouno, Tseb
Species Fox Incubus
Gender Male
Date of birth December 24, year unknown
Age Appears to be 17, though his species distorts the likelihood of this being true
Occupation Rabid fanboy
Starsign Capricorn
Nationality Unknown

Taniciusfox, sometimes incorrectly referred to as SonicTH, is a CFC forumer and sporadic contributor to DRAW Your Own Story 11.

The Poster

TaniciusFox is a self-styled New Yorker - not to mention, the King of the Fruits and the Furries - who currently lives in Henderson, Nevada. He joined CivFanatics on May 28, 2007. He is known for being a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, less known for modding Civilization III, and known in Off-Topic for drawing implausible alternate history maps for the Altered Maps Threads (and darn proud of it too!). He has been a contributor since DYOS 11.

Taniciusfox created the original Imperium Offtopicum, with the purpose of trying to continue the OT Empires game, but with rules to ensure it did not devolve into the powergaming insanity of previous installments. Rumors[Who?] say Taniciusfox almost regrets starting IOT, due to its time demands and pain of management, without the gratification of increased postcount. Almost regrets; these days he's made little effort to conceal his schadenfreude.

In addition to the original game, he presided over the "official" sequel and various spin-offs, proving a dedicated, but frequently controversial game moderator.

The Fox Thingy

Tanicius Fox is... well, a fox. He stands five feet, nine inches, with red hair, red eyes and black fur, with a white underbelly and muzzle. His tail has a very strange stripe pattern near the end, a red stripe separating the black and white.

He is also an incubus. Incubi and succubi (the female variant) are known for their vast array of powers: shapeshifting, thought-reading, emotion-sensing, the ability to dissipate into a non-corporeal form, and above all, seductive allure. 'Cubi can feed upon physical food, though they specialize in tapping into the energies of one's emotions, or even vital processes (the "life force.") As such, they are quite easily able to adapt to their situation. 'Cubi are thought of either as a hyper-evolved species or mystical beings; that many claim to be demons or just supernatural in general contribute to publicity and notoriety.

Tanicius is an incubus in training, with very limited powers. (In one incident, he read a person's thought of wanting a chili dog as something far less Safe-For-Work, with ugly results.) He has, however, been able to conceal his cubi-features, in particular his angel-esque wings, though this is also possibly caused by a special device somewhere on him so he can focus his talents on other things. On top of all that, being young - at least in mind, if not body - he uses what powers he has for recreation.

Personality-wise, Tanicius has a very sound mind, eager to learn about many things and capable of memorizing much of what interests him. Like many in his species, he has a short attention span and will fall asleep quickly if bored (popular culture is a very good way to do this). He is also a homosexual, and his tendency to pounce and try to seduce any remotely-attractive male in his vicinity shows this - often failing with ugly results, as he is again, training. However, despite being very perverted thanks to his species, he respects boundaries (for the most part) and will, in general, not try again after failing the first time... although he will likely remain clingy (and loyal).


Tanicius is known for making numerous cameos whenever male/female couples are kissing, always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His "heterophobia" and resultant fear of straight couplings comes out accordingly and it makes him plot how to make things a bit gayer due to the shortage of yaoi fun. Apparently he's tipped off two men will be making out or some such, but said data is ALWAYS incorrect for some reason...


  1. Not to be confused with Thunderfall