Teh Emo Republic

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TehEmos conscripts training to cut their wrist synchronously

Teh Emo Republic is a nation composed entirely of emos, from the planet assumedly of the same name. They became a threat to the Coruscanti space fleet in DRAW Your Own Story 5 after they initiated a daring new combat strategy, "end someone else's suffering before ending your own".

The Book of Stylesrj

On the reason behind the Emos' search of the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel: "They wanted it so then they could start up an argument about how much Emos rule and then when people come to say they suck, they use the relic and therefore everyone will say Emos rule and then become Emo and go kill themselves. It'd be a mass suicide that could start Flame War II as the Non-Emos (Nemos) try to stop the Emos statue powers."

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