Terrence Hastings

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Dr. Terrence Hastings
Dr. Hastings seeking paid work
First appearance DYOS XI
No. appearances A few times
Nickname(s) Paycheck (Team callsign)
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth N/A
Age Over 50
Address Transitional

Team Doctor

  • Biochemist
  • Surgeon
  • Triage & Diagnosis
Religion Protestant
Nationality United Kingdom

Can I get paid now?

—Terrence Hastings

Dr. Terrence Hastings is a doctor and a member of Stylesjl's team.

He was originally going to be part of Stylesrj's team, but because he made the mistake of asking for a paycheck in the comic he was introduced, he was ousted in favour of Princess Peach

He is most commonly seen complaining to his boss that he hasn't been paid yet, but does not ever think of quitting for paid work.

Despite the fact that Tama Shepard is only interested in women, Hastings has feelings of attraction towards her.[1]