The Crashing of the Gogf

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The Crashing of the Gogf
Hackergeddon storyline
Cover by DaemonDD
Total comics 13
Written by Kan' Sharuminar
Main characters Kan', SuBi, Till
Supporting cast The OT Crowd
Original run 2009 – 2010
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The Quest for Off-Topic

We're in Poland!

The Crashing of the Gogf is a comic story by Kan' Sharuminar. It involved the evacuation of Off-Topic inhabitants following its closure by the Hacker, and their efforts to survive despite the efforts of a new enemy.


Following the adventures in DYOS X-2, the TARDIc rematerialises in DYOS XI near the Three Wise Guys and Lucifer as they traverse the universe aboard their canoe. Deciding DYOS XI is a rather silly place, Kan’ and Subi depart, though they keep an eye on the events involving CFC, for the Hacker has shut down Off-Topic.[1]

The inhabitants of CFC, in the aftermath of the Hacker attack, are evacuating. Taking haven aboard the Gogf, most posters agree to put aside their differences in order to work together to find a new Off-Topic.[2]

Until Poland happens.

Sabotaged by an unknown menace, the Gogf crash-lands in Poland, triggering fears that the passengers will kill each other in an argument over their exact location.[3] Fearing the end of CFC, Kan’ and Subi begin a rescue operation. They re-enter the plot and locate the crashed airship.[4][5]

Repairing the Gogf isn’t the easiest operation, as Kan’ discovers. The main engine has shut down and the only engineer is the Frenchman Masquerouge. Whomp, adamant that Kan’s Scottish roots means he will be a natural engineer, sends the comic-lord to engineering.[6] Despite Kan’s protests, it turns out he does have a natural ability in fixing engines and, along with the TARDIc towing the ship, the Gogf is airborne once more.[7]

Until Till happens.

The saboteur was not, as it turns out, the Hacker. Till, taking advantage of the chaos, initiated his own diabolical plans, starting with the destruction of Off-Topic. Failing to kill Kan’ in the engine room (instead only wounding Masq)[8][9] he engages in a gentleman’s duel atop a rope bridge, even allowing Kan’ to choose the weapons used and time of engagement. An oblivious Kan’ decides on pistols at dawn, hoping to buy some time to defeat Till some other way.

Unfortunately dawn is breaking, and Kan’ is not well-trained in using guns, even if he had one.[10] Till easily wins the duel and Kan’, shot, falls off the Gogf to his death. As a last insult to injury, Till forces Subi to give him the keys to the TARDIc, claiming control of the ship.[11]

In flight once more, the passengers of the Gogf hold a short ceremony to honour Masquerouge’s heroism, unaware Till is quietly stealing the TARDIc for his own nefarious plans...[12][13]


Behind the Scenes

  • The Crashing of the Gogf was the first comic series by Kan’ Sharuminar planned and written in advance of drawing. As such, while it contains little interaction with other DYOS contributors, it does manage to contain a coherent storyline.
  • Though posted between the 15th October 2009 and 28th June 2010, the bulk of the comic takes place over a single night.
  • Despite being in a single night, the 6-month gap between comics somehow allowed choxorn and some zombies, also in Poland, to show up at the crash site. How exactly this happened is never really explained.
  • The story was meant to be completed by Christmas 2009, allowing for future Kan’ comics to focus more on Off-Topic members. This came to pass...six months later.
  • Masquerouge was originally to die from his wounds, but Kan’ Sharuminar thought that was a bit mean and had him survive.
  • The comic switches between two styles of drawing: the hand-drawn pencil sketches and the ‘black and white’ photoshopped style. For the last comics it returns to pencil-work due to computer issues.
  • Originally the forest Kan’ crashes into at the end was more jungle-like. This was changed as, really, Poland isn’t that overgrown.
  • It is unknown whether Kan actually bled to death before he hit the ground. It is known, however, that both Captain2 and some of Thorvald of Lym's characters caught him, then dropped him, before he got to the ground.[14][15][16]
  • The serial was blessed with a ‘cover image’ by contributor DaemonDD in August 2010. Kan’ considers it part of his ‘personal canon’ now.


  • This comic series continues the tradition of not quite deciding which of Kan’s legs is the wooden one.
  • Comic 9 features Subi with ‘Whomp-style ears’, a mistake after months of not drawing the character.

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The Crashing of the Gogf