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Final design of the Gem, based on Judge_Deadd's original depiction.

The Gem is an arcane artifact and the focus of the eponymous storyline, forming the final phase of DYOS X and the foundation to the Troubles in its sequel thread. It is an extremely powerful, extremely dangerous relic of unknown origin, sought by multiple parties for various purposes.


The Gem was introduced by Judge_Deadd (known at the time as the Luxury Diamond) as a catalyst for the Avatar Wars storyline.[1] It was a highly-advanced piece of technology capable of indefinitely supercharging any Civ1 avatar. Although said to be in the possession of Stylesrj's avatars, the device fell by the wayside and Judge_Deadd did not revive it.

The Luxury Diamond was repurposed later in the story into a much more valuable, much more dangerous questing item: the "Gem". In addition to its Civ-specific properties, it is fabled to grant nigh-unlimited power to the average user, but this nature is deceptive: it gives a person the 'tools' necessary to achieve the loftiest ambitions by twisting one's body and mind into monstrous extremity.[2] Only a select few individuals have the correct mental 'conditioning' to remain unaffected, and are known as the "Chosen Ones"; they are much sought after for their rumoured ability to harness the Gem's full potential.[3][4]

The Gem had been circulating through space decades prior to the opening of the Avatar Wars. It was acquired by an oblivious SEAL SEAL, but lost again sometime during the conflict before coming to rest on the planet Arrakis.[5] At the start of DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 it was housed in New Port City,[6] but following the orbital confrontation between the Clone Guild and Cosmonarmada Vostok[7] the Gem was relocated to the Big Mountain Complex.[8]

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