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SuperBeaverInc. flying with the famous Gogf

The Gogf is a large rigid airship, named after CFC poster Gogf, who has an airship for an avatar. It was utilised by members of Off-Topic at various times in DYOS history, first appearing in DRAW Your Own Story 8. Originally armed with several mounted cannons, its design has been modified over time and it is now a simple unarmed transport craft.

The exact size and design of the Gogf has not been verified, although it seems to be large enough to accommodate at least the entire population of the Off-Topic forum. The bridge is located in the forward compartment of the underside, where the captain and two pilots control the vessel. There is no set captain of the Gogf, just whoever has assumed charge at the time.

The Gogf was scuttled in DRAW Your Own Story 11 after being overrun by zombies.[1] While the surviving passengers were safely evacuated, Perfection lamented its crashing into the Fields of Spam, stating: "It's going to take years to get the spam quality back to what it was."

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