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Downfall Parodies are a popular Internet video meme in which scenes from the film Der Untergang (Downfall) are subtitled for humorous effect. The first parodies emerged in 2006 with a dedicated community (self-styled "Untergangers") developing by 2010, leading to a rapid evolution in scope and technical finesse and the creation of a commonly-shared 'parody universe' and a number of satellite spin-offs. One of the most popular recurring themes is the struggle between Hitler and the Master of Antics Hermann Fegelein.

Oliver Hirschbiegel, the director of the film, is noted to enjoy the parodies.[1] The studio Constantin Film, however, does not, and many videos on YouTube were removed on their request, sparking a short and furious fight over fair use that ended with Constantin conceding defeat.

The meme was first referenced by e350tb in DRAW Your Own Story 10.[2] Stylesjl conducted a full sequence a year later in which he criticizes his own comic craftsmanship.[3] Other scenes from the film were used by Thorvald of Lym in two videos showing Hitler ranting about DYOS;[4][5] a third video suggests it is spinning off into a metaplot of its own.[6]

In 2016, Hitler started a review series.[7]

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