The Quest for Off-Topic

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The Quest for Off-Topic is a comic story by Kan' Sharuminar taking place during DRAW Your Own Story 11. It involved the efforts of OT members reclaiming the land closed to them by the Hacker, whilst dealing with a zombie invasion and an unknown threat.


Though the members of Off-Topic were safe following their evacuation in the Gogf, they were still under threat due to a zombie invasion created by choxorn. While the moderators dealt with the zombie infestation within the Gogf, Perfection took over command.

Till, now in control of the TARDIc, continued his antics of spreading chaos throughout CFC and DYOS as a whole, before accidentally activating the Anti-Till program on-board the ship. The program forced the TARDIc to shut down and crash-land into the Gogf, allowing him to be captured by the moderating staff. Brought before Perfection, he witnessed the Gogf suffer another assumed Hacker attack, this time bringing down the ship's defences and eliminating user post-count.

Horrified at such an event, Perfection allowed Till to counter the attack in exchange for his freedom. Till's attempt was unsuccessful, as he discovered the attack on the Gogf was not caused by the Hacker, but another malevolent force he was unfamiliar with. His efforts to defeat the new attack proved useless, and the Gogf suffered another, worse attack, this time shutting all its systems down.

The TARDIc took over, transporting the Gogf and its crew to a new location, the long-lost Off-Topic. The passengerss joy was short-lived however, as the zombies had quickly spread through the ship and were outside the command room itself. With few options available, Perfection ordered the Gogf destroyed rather than risk Off-Topic be overwhelmed by zombie hordes.

As it happened, Till was a far more practical person, and used the TARDIc to evacuate every passenger off the Gogf in the few seconds it took to self-destruct. The ship itself, much to the horror of Perfection, crash-landed in the Fields of Spam.

Till's heroic actions were not to be rewarded however, as the moderation team refused to let him leave Off-Topic. As he argued, the TARDIc was remote-captured by the same villain who had shut down the Gogf, and transported to an unknown location. There, hundreds of unknown figures boarded the TARDIc for an unknown cause...


Rik Meleet
Lefty Scaevola
VRWC Agent
El Machinae
Comrade Davo
Duke of Marlborough
Raisin Bran

Behind the Scenes

  • The Quest for Off-Topic is the second in Kan' Sharuminar's serials, and like The Crashing of the Gogf, represents another story pre-written in advance, rather than the usual 'on-the-fly' writing.
  • The story shows the rediscovery off Off-Topic, after its deletion by the Hacker at the start of DYOS XI
  • The story was written between July 2010 and April 2011, though once more represents just a few hours of storyline.
  • Originally, between the arrival of the Gogf at Off-Topic and the final comic, there was to be a major battle between the forces of OT, DYOS against the Hacker. This was cut because by heavens it would have been hard to draw.

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