The Troubles

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  This article deals with current events.
The accuracy of information herein is subject to change as new information becomes available, and should not be regarded as a finalized account.
For the Irish period of unrest, see Wikipedia.
State of world affairs at the beginning of Part II (top), compared to the current situation. Green denotes a return to order; purple, outright anarchy.

The Troubles refers to the period of extreme civil and political unrest spanning nearly the entire globe from the beginning of DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 onward. It was foreshadowed by the G-man during his interlude with CivGeneral and Samus Aran, and confirmed when the party returned to Earth following the acquisition of the Gem. While an official record of events has not been compiled, the source of the upheaval has been traced to a single entity who has not yet been decisively identified. This individual went on a rampage lasting roughly a week[citation needed], wreaking incalculable damage against populated areas that led to the loss of local governmental control, and in some cases, the collapse of the government altogether.

The power vacuum that was created after the fall of the American government facilitated the emergence of the Enclave, a shadowy organization installed by the Combine Empire in an attempt to exploit the vulnerability of the Republic of Coruscant. With the "monster" responsible for the onset of the Troubles having gone to ground, CivGeneral and the usual accomplices focused on repelling a resurgent Dr. Breen.

Europe, by contrast, remained steadfast after the attacks. Maxim Brusilov, commander of the armed forces of the Eastern Union, arranged a meeting between the Eastern and Free Western garrisons of France and Germany, where the attacks had first begun, in an attempt to identify the perpetrator. The conference is believed to have accomplished the objective, but the onset of the Nazi war on Earth has put further investigation on hold.

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