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Themi as cyborg (left) and full robot

A character created and introduced by Stylesjl, Themi Zermini used to be a lemming until he suffered a fateful accident in Blood Gulch Casino that left him as a cyborg (that looked like Sergei Molotov only with blue pants and green hair on top).

Because of the accident, he developed delusions of becoming Pope due to the old Pope being in the same area and blessing the casino shortly before the accident. He assembled a "Coalition of the Willing" including Stylesjl, Bush Jr. and Baghdad Bob to "recover" the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel from Coruscant. Deeming Themi's ambition stupid, Stylesjl mutinied soon afterward, leading to the first of Themi's many deaths throughout the story.

He occasionally worked for Stylesrj and Stylesjl and even for Manfred von Richtofen at one point.

Robot Themi

In DYOS V by some unknown means, Themi had been killed yet again and was left for dead. He came back as a robot (a Watchman unit from Empire Earth) whose delusions got even worse.

He now only wanted to become Pope so he could wear the big Pope Hat.

Pope Themi

At one point in DYOS V during the CurtSibling conflict, Themi used the Size Changing Relic of Spamuzel to become a 50ft tall robot and then landed on Earth and accidentally killed the Pope. Thinking that Papal promotions worked the same way as Klingons, Themi assumed Papal status, until the Carlamengo informed him otherwise.

He asked for a second chance and the Vatican reluctantly agreed, as long as he didn't mess it up.

Barely even a microsecond had passed before the whole Vatican was in flames and Themi was kicked out. Georgie Kalanin was required to save the day.


Themi Zermini lamented on how he blew his chance on being Pope, until he found a warehouse of Pope Hats and soon forgot about his dreams of ruling the Vatican.

He soon retired to his house (A Civ IV Roman Forum) where he had somehow acquired the Fridge of the Mods through his sheer stupidity in confusing a fridge for a stove.

He later on acquired the Fridge again, only to throw it out because he had too many identical looking fridges.

Where Are They Now?™

Themi's whereabouts are unknown at this time, but he occasionally pops up in a cameo role. He has been seen in Richtofen's music videos.

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