Third Nazi War

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  This article deals with current events.
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Third Nazi War
Collage of the Third Nazi War
DateNovember 16, 2009 - present
LocationEarth & Space (See article)
Status Ongoing Conflict
Republic of Coruscant
Eastern Union
Free Western Army
Greater German Space Reich
Enclave Symbol.png Enclave
Clone Guild
Commanders and leaders
Chancellor Franklin Roster
Motoko Kusanagi
Samus Aran
Commodore Allen P. James
General Maximilian Veers
Admiral Firmus Piett
Maxim Brusilov
Anatoliy Koldanev
Władysław Czciborycz
Kirill Gedeonin
Bernard Montgomery
Erwin Rommel
Manfred Hickten
Feldmarschall Frank von Horrigan
Feldmarschall Kurt Schäffer
Grand Admiral Baron von Braun
Generalmajor Ernust Ekkehard
Enclave Symbol.png Dr. Wallace Breen
Enclave Symbol.png Brigadier General Joe Jackson

The Third Nazi War is a galactic conflict chiefly between the Republic of Coruscant and Greater German Space Reich. It has come to include peripheral opponents such as the Enclave.


The fallout of the Combine-Coruscant War prevented the Combine from re-opening direct conflict in two ways. To enforce the cease-fire, Coruscant delegated Eclipse Star Destroyers to patrol Combine-held space with the intent of laying waste to the empire's planets in retaliation for a breach of the peace. Also, while the war with Coruscant had "ended", the Imperium maintained a separate conflict in retribution for the invasion of Arrakeen.

Thus, while the Combine sought to undermine the Republic, it could not afford open confrontation. It decided upon a diversionary measure, conscripting satellite states to harass Coruscant until it was in a fit state to re-engage. The Combine contacted an expanding empire in the Helgan Prime sector known as the Greater German Space Reich, an exodus group of Nazis from Earth who coincidentally considered themselves the mortal opponents of the Coruscantis following the events of the First Nazi War. Manfred Hickten enthusiastically endorsed the opportunity to strike back at his hated enemy, becoming the first partner in the Combine Bloc.

Pre-war events

Invasion of Daiban and Zebes

Tasked by the Combine to establish their base, the Space Nazis invaded the Galactic Federation's capital of Daiban and expanded their influence within the sector. Weeks later, they invaded Zebes and took various artifacts as war booty, including the X Parasite, Metroid DNA, and the original software of Mother Brain.

Soon after the invasion of Zebes, the Space Nazis positioned their space fleet like in a game of chess for their surprise checkmate at Elysia, preparing to strike a Coruscanti fleet patrolling the region to enforce the ceasefire agreement between Coruscant and the Combine.

Hunt for the Chosen Ones

The Space Nazis sent special forces teams to hunt down the Chosen Ones, choxorn & Taillesskangaru. With choxorn hidden in his secret base and Tailless evading Nazi patrols on Wetickra, the Space Nazis would soon have to turn to finding the Defender of the Universe and to use as bait in a trap.

Monster Chaos

With the Earth in shambles, the Enclave arose, promising false hopes for the restoration of the United States of America. The Enclave was a proxy established by the Combine, with Dr. Breen installed as President-for-Life. The Enclave sought to distract the Republic of Coruscant from the Gargantua, the Space Nazi invasion of Earth, and the eventual destruction of Coruscant itself.

Space Theater

Invasion of Elysia

Main article: Battle of Elysia

Early November, several Space Nazi ships dropped out of hyperspace near Elysia. The commodore in charge of the patrol ships was stunned to learn that the Coruscantis' old enemy had returned with a vengeance in a space-borne version of Pearl Harbor.

The Space Nazis made planetfall on SkyCity, wiping out the entire Coruscanti garrison. Days later, the Chancellor of Coruscant and the Republic Senate declared war against the Space Nazis.

Enter the Enclave

See also: Battle of Washington, D.C.

Dr. Breen publicly announced the Enclave to the world in a media broadcast mid-November.[1] Following the capture of Elysia, the Enclave prepared for their first strike. Only days after the Space Nazis' act of war, Enclave troopers assaulted Coruscanti-held Washington D.C.

Spearhead Blitz into the Sol System

See also: Battle of K-2L

After tasting their first victory against their adversary and with the Enclave assault on Washington distracting Coruscant, the Space Nazis launched a spearhead into the Mid-Rim region and the Sol System. Although one arm of the expedition detoured around Jupiter to avoid the Coruscanti fleet stationed at Ganymede, the main fleet encountered Coruscanti forces above the planet of K-2L, suffering minor losses and delaying their arrival at Earth.

Once the Space Nazis had firmly established themselves on Earth, they planned on quickly invading Coruscanti-held planets and moons located in the Sol System. The reality of the ground situation would shatter such aspirations.

Doolittle's Raid

Main article: Doolittle's Raid on Helgan Prime

With the Enclave turtling in the Pacific following its expulsion from North America in early 2010, the Coruscanti Navy was once again in a position to assert its control over the Sol system, and by extension, take the fight back to the Nazis. Commodore James "Hazard" Doolittle proposed a plan that his distant grandfather pulled off during World War II: a raid on Helgan Prime that would deliver a message to the Space Nazis reaffirming that the nations of Earth, the Republic of Coruscant, Eastern Union and the Free Western Army, would remain steadfast in the fight.

Operation Torch

In an attempt to further pressure the European forces, the Space Nazis attempted an orbital insertion into North Africa. However, they no longer had either the element of surprise or naval superiority, and the landing was scuttled by patrolling Coruscanti vessels, which destroyed the landing ships before troops could debark.

Earth Theater

Main article: Nazi war on Earth

Given the scope of the battleground and the conflict, Coruscanti military brass classifies the "Battle of Earth" as a unique planetary engagement, divided into sub-theaters (European, American, Pacific).

American Theater

See also: Battle of Washington, D.C., Battle of the Bulge, Operation High Noon, Battle of Las Vegas, Battle of Los Angeles

After the Enclave surprise attack on Washington, D.C., General Veers quickly took up command in Rivet City and conducted his defensive forces from the converted Essex-Class carrier. Taking advantage of the carrier's infrastructure, he used it as a landing strip for the many ARC-170s, airspeeders, helicopters and transports in use by the garrison.

The attack took the Coruscanti military by surprise as they were preparing to deal with the Space Nazis head-on. In retaliation, weeks after the Enclave turned Washington, D.C. into a reenactment of the Battle of Stalingrad, the Republic of Coruscant amassed three task forces to spearhead into Enclave territory and encircle the main invasion forces. The Free Western Army stationed at the Mexico/US border fended off a small garrison of Enclave troops and a small Space Nazi expeditionary force attempting to strike the Republic's flank.

The Battle of the Bulge excised the Enclave from the lower 48 states. The Republic carried its momentum into an assault on the Enclave-held lands of Alaska in an operation codenamed Anchorage.

European Theater

See also: Battle of Poland, Battle for Germany, Battle of Britain

On New Year's Eve, the Space Nazis made planetfall on Poland[2], too late to assist the Enclave, whom the Coruscantis were in the process of driving off the American mainland. Although the Republic of Coruscant was distracted by its fight with the Enclave, the "New Year's Insurgency" dragged both the Free Western Army and Eastern Union into the war, ensuring the invasion would not be easy.

While en route to provide support for both the Union and FWA, a Coruscanti battle group featuring the aircraft carrier R.N.S. Intrepid was ambushed by an incoming force of Space Nazi Jigabachi assault helicopters, taking Line Captain Marcus Jingweiby surprise.[citation needed]

"Problem, England?" - Captain2 plotting the Battle of Britain

As CivGeneral, Samus Aran, and their friends arrived in England, they were caught in the middle of Captain2's Operation Sealion. CivGeneral scrambled the air force, and along with SpongeBob SquarePants, personally participated in the defence of British airspace.

In mid-early March, a joint Free Western/Union operation aptly titled "Ekkehard's Folly" severely compromised Space Nazi manpower in Austria and effectively terminated Generalmajor Ernust Ekkehard's commission. Arms recovered by a Coruscanti scouting party suggested both the Space Nazis and Enclave were receiving material aid from the Combine.

Not long afterward, Coruscanti forces under the command of Captain Francis Durga commenced an attack on Space Nazi forces in Austria. Durga's unit was led straight into an ambush, and the deployment of powered exosuits virtually destroyed the Coruscantis. Durga, however, managed to acquire an abandoned but still-functional suit and retreated to Free Western headquarters.

Allied forces launched an amphibious landing into Normandy in May to link up with FWA-held southern France. Slowly but surely, the Space Nazis were driven from France as Clone Guild auxiliaries, appreciating the strategic reality, withdrew to the Rhine, thereby undercutting Hickten's front line combat forces. By 2011, the Western front was more or less secure, Free Western and Coruscanti forces forcing a deadlock along the German border.

Victory was not so assured in the East. While Union forces had more or less halted Schäffer's advance, they had largely been unable to turn the tide aside from small gains in the Balkans.

Pacific Theater

See also: Battle of Hawaii, Enclave invasion of Japan, Operation MacArthur

Following the Battle of the Bulge and subsequent Coruscanti "reclamation" of U.S. territory, the Enclave was driven further west into Pacific archipelagos, leading to occupation of numerous nations surrounding the South China Sea. A nuclear strike on interim headquarters prompted Breen to launch a do-or-die assault on Japan. Coruscant, already vigilant against Space Nazi aggression, responded quickly, stagnating the Enclave's offensive as it began a flanking counterattack on the occupied territories.

Breen likely assumed he would be aided by his allies, but that was not the case. As the Enclave realized it was facing Coruscant effectively on its own and losing rapidly, despairing commanders began surrendering across the theater. Breen was captured alone in Kamakura and brought before acting chancellor Kusanagi, where his formal capitulation officially disbanded the Enclave.

Combine Conspiracy

Much equipment that was looted by the Eastern Union, Republic of Coruscant and Free Western Army from the Space Nazis have subtle hints that it was Combine-made. Despite supposed neutrality during the cold war against the Republic, the Combine have been shipping arms and equipment to both the Enclave and the Space Nazis.


  2. Can't this little country ever get a break?