Thorvald's doppelgängers

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Thorvald's doppelgängers, also known as "those traitors" and "Macbeth", were the rebellious past avatars of Thorvald of Lym and contributing pawns of the New Avatar Order. They included:

Civ3 Cossack — Thorvald's first avatar on CFC

Civ4 Cossack — Actuality unverified; Ukrainian patriot

Original Thorvald — First custom avatar

High Seas Fleet — Seen at the very beginning and end; least effectual

Christmas Thorvald — Resulting from GIMP experimentation

Viking Flag — Used during prolonged Internet disconnectivity

Confused Thorvald — Mentally unstable

At the end of the Avatar Wars arc, Thorvald absorbed them all with a weapon Bjorn had gotten from Mr. Toyoda.

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