Timeline of the Canadian story

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The following is a chronology of the events precipitating and forming the conflict between Canada and the Eastern Union.


September 2007

Thread dies; conflict unresolved


December 2007-January 2008

  • While in Germany, Thorvald and an MP officer are ambushed by Captain2.
    • Captain2 threatens bodily harm on Thorvald for failure to conclude the situation in the previous thread.
    • Thorvald rescued by CivGeneral.

June 2008

July 2008

August 2008

November 2008

  • Captain2 learns he is under occupation.
    • Captain2 begins plotting organized resistance to the Eastern Union.
    • Captain2 bombs the Canadian-Union Friendship Centre, prompting debate amongst the junta.

February 2009

  • Captain2 storms Parliament and takes control of the government.

March 2009

  • Abduction of Union personnel prompts the junta to send Krieger undercover in a rescue operation.
    • Krieger is abducted.

May 2009

  • Krieger attempts to open dialogue with Captain2.

Thread concludes; conflict unresolved


When thread concludes, the story will still not be resolved


November 2009

  • Captain2 leads a salient into Poland to divert the Union's attention.

January 2010

  • Krieger frees the hostages before leaving to participate in Part II.

Febrary 2010

  • Captain2 flies to Moscow and proposes hand-to-hand combat to free Canada.
    • Captain2 is killed by Ivan Drago.
  • Captain2's funeral is held in Moscow.

July 2010

  • Eastern Union reduces number of troops deployed to Canada.

May 2011