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The toolgun is a weapon of unknown origin that appears in DRAW Your Own Story 11. It functions similarly to the Hacker's hack-gun, granting its wielder target-specific reality-warping powers. It was found in possession of Laes' forces during the Battle of Nar Kreeta and given to Marsha Conrad.[1] She first made use of it during her Hacker Humiliation, in which it proved equally-matched against his own hack-gun.[2] It was later used to test the P4000 anti-hacking shield.[3]

The toolgun was employed more liberally during the penultimate fight with the Hacker, and with a local power boost, Marsha managed to best him.[4] It was subsequently destroyed by Hacker Prime as a show of his ability.[5]

The toolgun is based on the eponymous utility from Garry's Mod; contrary to popular[citation needed] belief, its name is not based on the fact that the Hacker was a tool.