Treaty of Arrakis

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The Treaty of Arrakis, signed 22 July 2009, formally ended hostile actions between the Combine Empire and Republic of Coruscant. Parties to the agreement included CivGeneral on behalf of Coruscant, and Dr. Wallace Breen on behalf of the Combine.


The Combine had been unofficially engaged in war against the Coruscantis since July 2008 as a result of their insurgency on Earth. Official declaration only came after a full-scale invasion of Coruscant itself. After they were repelled from the Five Cities region, the Combine attempted to swing the balance of power in their favour by acquiring the Gem, but the campaign ended in failure after the expeditionary force was virtually annihilated. Unable to regain momentum, and with their leader Dr. Breen captured by the enemy, the Combine were forced to surrender.

Terms of the agreement

Article 1 recognizes Coruscant's right to exist as a sovereign entity, formally declaring further Combine aggression illegal. As the sole aggressor party, the Combine was also obligated to pay $8 trillion USD (~¥727 trillion) in war reparations to the Coruscantis and former Earth-based belligerents, including the Eastern Union and Free Western Army. As no Combine territory had been captured, no concessions were made by the Coruscantis. Some analysts have called the treaty "overtly partisan, even for the circumstances".

Corrino abstention

Although the Padishah Empire became involved in the war after the Combine attacked Arrakis, they abstained from the peace talks. Emperor Frederick IV, calling the Combine "cowards" and "a farce of an empire", declared the Imperium would not be content until the enemy "understands what it has brought upon the Arrakeen people and is shown its place in the political universe". Imperial mobilization escalated after the Combine defeat on Dune, and a state of war persists between the two empires. One of the possible reasons the Combine was willing to accept such a unilateral agreement was to focus resistance against its remaining foe.

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