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For the World War I alliance, see Triple Entente
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2010 Coruscanti poster with representatives of their respective nations

The Triple Entente (from French entente, IPA: /ɑ̃.tɑ̃t/, "agreement") is a name given to the alliance between the Republic of Coruscant, Free Western Army, and the Eastern Union. The alliance of three powers constituted a powerful counterweight against the Enclave and the Greater German Space Reich, and is committed to defend against future threats against Earth and the three powers.

Republic of Coruscant

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In the last decade of the 2000s, the Republic of Coruscant had adopted an isolationist foreign policy due to the numerous powergames that happened during the Post-DYOS 5 Era. The Republic's primary focus became expanding its massive spacefaring empire while securing its current holdings on Earth, primarily Japan and the East Coast of the United States. The Combine-Coruscant War thrust the Republic into the diplomatic waters for the first time since DYOS 5. With the arrival of their old foe the Space Nazis as well as the Enclave, the Republic was encouraged to seek formalized alliances with the two other powers, the Free Western Army and the Eastern Union. Coruscanti sentiments on alliance and diplomacy began to change from isolationism to multilateralism.

The main reasons were:
1. The success of the combined efforts of the Free Western Army and the Eastern Union during the Second Napoleonic War against France and Germany. Even though the Republic was involved in the Avatar Wars, its forces were necessitated elsewhere and it felt a sense of shame for not contributing to the war.
2. The Free Western Army aided the Republic during the Battle of Las Vegas and the Battle of Los Angeles through Operation High Noon to further lessen the resistance to the Coruscanti forces.
3. Increase in territory held by the Republic of Coruscant during the course of the Third Nazi War resulted in the Eastern Union becoming a neighbor in the Pacific region. The Union's invasion of Canada has also made the Eastern Union a northern neighbor to the Republic of Coruscant.
4. The Battle of Aberdeen triggered a mutual defense agreement that CivGeneral and Kan' Sharuminar signed during DYOS 5 that prompted the Republic to intercept a Kingdom of Lym fleet near Chornobyl, Ukraine. The Pripyat Skirmish largely impressed the Coruscantis, and as militarism on the part of Stylesrj and Mjcommie grew, the Republic eventually saw the aggression again Kan as a non-issue. Eventually diplomatic relations thawed during the course of the DYOS series.

The Big Three

Free Western Army

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The Free Western Army had fought against the French and the Germans during the Second Napoleonic War and forged an alliance with the Eastern Union known as the Europa Universalis. Historically, the nations within the Free Western Army have fought against Nazi Germany during World War II and the German Empire during World War I.

Eastern Union

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The Eastern Union possesses the largest military manpower on Earth[1], second only to the Republic of Coruscant when its planetary holdings are taken into account. Unlike the Republic of Coruscant and other nations' armed forces, the military of the Eastern Union follows a heterogeneous strucuture owing to sustained regionalism of the armies of the member states, which caused poor performance during the early phase of the Second Napoleonic War[2]. The Union maintains a friendly stance with the Free Western Army.

The Union's invasion of Canada has resulted in its becoming neighbors with the Republic of Coruscant alongside the Republic's increasing territorial gains in the Pacific region. In the years following the Pripyat Skirmish, the Republic looks favorably upon the Union, and the two have enjoyed an informal alliance since the events of the Brazilian Campaign up to the Combine-Coruscant War. Diplomatic officials in the Republic would like to see a formal alliance between the Republic and the Union. Military strategists within the Union have questioned how effective Union defence of Coruscant's off-world territories can be with only three longships, but the Republic has informed the Union that it intends to facilitate development of an Eastern Union spacefleet.

Behind the Scenes

  • CivGeneral had the idea of the name "Triple Entente" prior to Thorvald's impromptu naming of the alliance in the Alliance article.
  • The propaganda poster for the Triple Entente plays homage to the World War I version. The national personifications have been replaced with Motoko Kusanagi (representing the Pacific Theater) & CivGeneral representing the Republic of Coruscant, Spongebob Squarepants representing the Free Western Army, and Thorvald of Lym representing the Eastern Union. Male characters were used (excepting Kusanagi) as national personifications as Gmod lacked any close representations of Mother Russia and Britannia.

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  1. Full mobilization yields an estimate of over 7 million troops.
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