Tsuyoshi Sadao

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Tsuyoshi Sadao
Sadao contemplative.png
Sadao briefs the heroes after the raider attack
Born Japan
Allegiance Mr. Toyoda
Service/branch General Protection
Rank Colonel
Operations Skirmish in Syracuse

Colonel Tsuyoshi Sadao is a high-ranking officer in Toyoda's forces. He is based in an outpost in Syracuse, New York that also operates as a factory outlet store.[1] Sadao is regional commander of Toyoda's operations in the northeastern quarter of the United States.

In DRAW Your Own Story 10.5, Sadao's commission provides centralized authority to the citizens of Syracuse and the surrounding area. Following the advice of Major Sasaki,[2] CivGeneral and Co. met Sadao in their attempt to contact Mr. Toyoda. During their visit, the city came under attack by a raider party.[3]

Sadao foreshadowed the Space Nazis and Enclave aggression shortly before Dr. Breen's public address.[4]

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