UNSC Frigate

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UNSC Frigate operating in low altitude
UNSC Frigate
Length 478 metres (1,570 ft)
Engine unit(s) Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor
Hyperdrive system Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Hull 60 centimetres (2.0 ft) Titanium-A battleplate
Armament Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, Shiva Nuclear Missiles, Archer Missiles, Point Defense Gun, Twin Defensive Railgun Turrets
Complement Elephants, Mongooses, Pelicans, Scorpions, Warthogs, Hornets, Longswords I swear, it's not a flying zoo
Role(s) Frigate, Transport
Affiliation 22px UNSC
22px Zombies

The UNSC Frigate is a starship classification in the UNSC Navy. Although it significantly lacks the amount of armor, armament, and firepower compared to its larger cousin, the UNSC Destroyer, the Frigate is smaller and thus more maneuverable. It is cheaper to produce, allowing greater numbers to be fielded against the Covenant threat.

With current human technology, the UNSC Frigates are barely a match for even the smallest of Covenant starships. It is outrun even by smaller Covenant ships, its armor is susceptible to enemy pulse lasers and plasma torpedos, and it is outfitted with substandard weaponry. Only en masse does the UNSC Frigate give any United Nations Space Command fleet element an advantage in the war against the genocidal Covenant. Needless to say, even a Covenant Frigate is more than a match for its UNSC counterpart.


choxorn was given a fleet of these by the Convenient Plot Device at the end of DYOS 10, and took them back to Earth while the CPD went on an endless monologue. He currently has some parked in orbit in DYOS 10.5, and some fighting The Hacker's forces in DYOS 11.