Umbrella Corporation

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Umbrella Pharmaceutical Inc.
Industry Pharmaceuticals, private security
Fate "Nationalized" by Mariko's Empire
Founded 1968
Founder Edward Ashford
James Marcus
Ozwell E. Spencer
Defunct August 4, 2011
Key people
Albert Wesker, Edward Richtofen
Products Zombies, supersoldiers
Services Genetic engineering, guns-for-hire

The Umbrella Corporation (officially named Umbrella Pharmaceutical Incorporated) was a mega corporation which operated ruthlessly as a major international player in a number of markets, including pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, defense, and computers along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological weaponry. The company also had a more public face, producing cosmetics, consumer products and foods.

A subsidiary of Umbrella operated as a paramilitary organization. This division of the corporation maintained a highly trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and para-military operations. They used a variety of vehicles, including HUMVEEs. Complementing this security force was an air wing, which maintained a fleet of AV-8B Harrier jump jets, UH-60 Blackhawks, C-130 Hercules water-landing capable cargo planes, CH-53 Sea Stallion cargo helicopters for transporting prisoners and Hughes MH-6 "Little Bird" attack helicopters. The corporation utilized these resources in order to secure and protect its assets, as well as its high profile employees.

Armed forces

It's not your average chemlab. More like a fortress than a research facility

— Spike Spiegel
Umbrella Private Military Company

Umbrella owned and maintained its own private military company which is used to safeguard its holdings; using this security corps against other entities in extreme instances of hostile takeovers was not uncommon, much like the Trade Federation and other separatist groups in Star Wars.

The PMC dress strongly mimicked that of the Combine: the basic foot solder wore an armoured suit reminiscent of the Overwatch, while the officers wore a uniform similar to those of Combine human officers, with the Umbrella logo on the left sleeve.


Role in the DYOS universe

Umbrella lay in relative obscurity until the Third Nazi War, when its European corporate headquarters was demolished during the ground campaign. Official records state that the company was disestablished at the start of the Third Nazi War in 2009.

Albert Wesker took the remnants of Umbrella with him across the galaxy, serving under the Clone Guild until he acquired enough funds to jumpstart Umbrella. It was used as a positive public relations front for the Space Pirates and to expand the company's operation across the galaxy. Human testing of robotics technology led to an altercations with the Republic of Coruscant in what became known as the "Hyrule incident".

As the company found solid footing, and after the Hacker split from Wesker, it began to harass Coruscant directly, culminating in an ultimately disastrous salient by Wesker's Hammer over Earth. Its fortunes plunged rapidly afterwards, as Wesker was displaced by Mara Jade. Umbrella's last move against Coruscant was an unsuccessful coup d'état, the aftermath of which saw the company's remaining assets absorbed by the Second Galactic Empire.[1]

Relationship with Black Mesa

Black Mesa had an icy relationship with Umbrella, citing Umbrella's unethical testing of the Progenitor virus strains on humans. By extension, Coruscant instituted a blanket ban against Umbrella Corp. and its products due to its shady history.

It would be expected that the Brotherhood of Steel would hold a negative attitude towards Umbrella, due to the Brotherhood's ties with Black Mesa, and through Jill Valentine especially.

Other rivals or companies that hold an icy relationship with Umbrella include:

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