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Gk portrait.png
Author-sona Gruekiller at a screening of 2012 sci-fi thriller Les Miserables, probably looks a bit different these days

First appearance

August 2010
Story involvement

Notable characters

Nickname(s) GK, Grue
Aliases Val
Gender Female
Date of birth 6 November 1994
Age 23
  • Bad cartoonist
  • Civilization AAR writer
Starsign Scorpio (♏)
Nationality American

Gruekiller is an itinerant contributor to DYOS who first joined during DYOS 11 in July 2010, and has continued to be a(n intermittent) presence through DRAW Your Own Story: At Plot's End. Her comics are entirely in hand drawn style, and have thus far focused chiefly on a self-insert and have remained mostly self-contained for the duration of their run. She has stated before that this solo arc was supposed to be over quickly, but seven years on, it still has yet to find closure - that's DYOS for you.

Her main hobby on CFC has historically been AAR writing. She authored a number of Civilization IV AARs, including Wars of the Gods: Carthage and The Legacy of Byzance before retiring from Civ4 S&T in June 2017. She has expressed a desire to eventually get into Civilization VI AAR making to continue the "Wars of the Gods" story.

Notable characters


  • Apparently her real name is Valerie. Go figure.