Władysław Czciborycz

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Władysław Czciborycz
Nickname(s) Wład
Allegiance  Poland /  Eastern Union
Service/branch Army
Rank General

Second Napoleonic War
Third Nazi War

General Władysław Czciborycz is a senior officer of the Eastern Union Armed Forces, and representative of Poland in the "Group of 18". Czciborycz is reputed for superior tactical logistics and steadfastness in the face of overwhelming odds. He was made commander of the Polish army group following the military's reorganization during the Second Napoleonic War. He thinks this wiki is awesome.[1]

Czciborycz was one of the officers attending Marshal Brusilov's conference with the Free Western Army that sought to identify the "Gargantua". Following the first report of the Greater German Space Reich's attack on Earth, Czciborycz immediately left for Poland and took command of the ground situation. He viciously opposed suggestions of withdrawal, confident in his ability to corral the invasion force and warned that if the Space Nazis gained momentum, they would overwhelm Europe.[2] At the urging of fellow officers he begrudgingly conceded to fall back, and his hypothesis was proven true.

Following the Union's retreat, Czciborycz rebased to Germany to repel the impending invasion. His unit gained infamy for its determined aggression against the Space Nazis,[3] although colleagues became concerned that Czciborycz's judgement was under the influence of bitter emotions following the Polish defeat. Rumours began circulating that he had instructed his men to deliberately avoid the taking of prisoners, although no evidence came to light suggesting he had committed anything illegal.

After the Allied withdrawal from Germany, Czciborycz joined Colonel-General Gedeonin in the East to prepare defences against an Enclave attack on Japan.[4] Whether or not the men co-ordinated operations with the Coruscantis is unknown; nevertheless, by the time the Enclave commenced offensive operations, Union naval and air forces were combat-ready.[5] Czciborycz oversaw tactical support to Allied operations during the Korean campaign, but due to limited army assets did not commit ground forces until after Coruscant deployed to the peninsula.[6]

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