War of the Steppes

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War of the Steppes
Marchon! Marchon!
Mongol horsemen charging Union forces
Date2006 (DYOS 6)
LocationEastern Union
Result Cease-fire
Eastern Union
Flag of Taillenia (new).svg Taillenian Empire (in exile)
Golden Horde
Commanders and leaders
Thorvald of Lym Genghis Khan

The War of the Steppes refers to a series of battles fought between the Eastern Union and Golden Horde around December, 2006. taillesskangaru, only recently liberated from Genghis Khan, sought asylum within the Eastern Union, provoking a Mongol manhunt that at its height pushed through to within a few hundred kilometres of the Ural mountains before it could be contained.

Thorvald of Lym initially resisted Temujin's demands as the Union army retaliated in force; but when the Horde rallied stronger, Thorvald folded, eventually reaching a compromise agreement. In exchange for 2000 longboats-full of gold and military right of passage, the Mongols called off their hunt for tailless. In addition, Thorvald and Temujin agreed to buy each other a Christmas present.

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