War of the Steppes

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War of the Steppes
Part of the Third Flame War
Marchon! Marchon!
Mongol horsemen charging Union forces
Date2006 (DYOS 6)
Result Thorvald pays tribute
Golden Horde ends manhunt for Taillesskangaru
Christmas gift exchange
Russia liberated to Eastern Union
 Eastern Union
 Taillenian Empire (in exile)
 Golden Horde
Commanders and leaders
Thorvald of Lym Genghis Khan

The War of the Steppes refers to a series of battles fought between the Eastern Union and Golden Horde around December, 2006. It was an outgrowth of the Third Flame War after Genghis Khan de-possessed Taillesskangaru, who escaped the gulag to seek refuge in Union-held Russia.

Thorvald of Lym initially resisted Temujin's demand for tribute and Tailless' extradition as the Union army retaliated in force; but when the Horde rallied stronger, Thorvald folded, eventually reaching a compromise agreement. In exchange for 2000 longboats-full of gold and military right of passage, the Mongols called off their hunt for Tailless. In addition, Thorvald and Temujin agreed to buy each other a Christmas present.

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