Wesker's Hammer

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Wesker's Hammer.jpg
Career Umbrella Corporation logo.png
Namesake: Albert Wesker
Operator: Albert Wesker
Builder: Space Pirates
Umbrella Corporation
Launched: 14 December 2010
Fate: Destroyed over Earth, 11 May 2011
General characteristics
Type: Superweapon
Length: ~19 000 metres
Speed: Slow
Complement: Unknown
Crew: 50 officers
4000 enlisted
Armament: Robotification beam
Laser batteries
"How's it feel to blow fifty billion dollars in one shot?"
Thorvald of Lym, unaired comic

Wesker's Hammer was Albert Wesker's flagship and mobile command centre during the Hacker Crisis. It is somewhat of a misnomer, as the bow resembles an axe more than a hammer. It was as ludicrously large as the Executor-class Star Destroyer at nearly 19 kilometres long. The Hammer is alleged to have had enough firepower to take on an entire Coruscanti task force,[citation needed] although ship schematics remain classified and it was never seen in combat. The ship's signature weapon was a "robotification beam" running the entire length of the vessel, designed to render an entire planet Pul Wat Aa's robot slaves prior to his split from Wesker.[1]

The ship was manufactured on the Space Pirate homeworld, with the robotification beam developed separately on Hyrule. Although CivGeneral and Company assaulted Umbrella's research station, by that time the beam was already installed and the facility was merely a testing ground. Based on experiments on Hyrule, the Hammer was equipped with chemical manufacturing facilities for production of the P30 mind-control drug, to be dispersed into a planet's atmosphere and render the population susceptible to willing robotification.[2]

The Hammer's maiden voyage was to test the robotifier on Earth. Wesker planned to lure CivGeneral aboard and force him to fire the beam at Oslo,[3] but the rest of CG's team sabotaged the ship's power system, disabling the robotifier and triggering a chain reaction that destroyed the ship.[4]