What The F Bomb

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What The F Bomb, also known as WTF Boom, is an Internet meme. Its exact origin has been a source of some disagreement, but the soundbyte was compiled from at least two separate clips: a parody interview with Gunther Galipot on the video game Cold Fear by Mega64, and a soundclip posted on YTMND. The sequence typically begins with a high-pitched beeping and a voice screaming "WHAT THE FU-", followed by an explosion and another character shouting "BOOOM!", then proceeding to laugh maniacally.

choxorn was the first to use one in DYOS to blow up his remaining former avatars about half-way through DYOS 10. After that, it fell to the Styles Curse, by which the Styles brothers overuse a meme well beyond the point that it is funny.