William Overbeck

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William "Bill" Overbeck
Bill as depicted in Left 4 Dead
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Nickname(s) Bill
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unspecified
Age >= 56
Occupation Special Forces (retired)
Nationality American

William "Bill" Overbeck is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead, a Vietnam veteran who served in the US Army 1st Special Forces Group. He appears to be either a witness to or a veteran of the First Nazi War.[2]

Bill has appeared in both Thorvald's and CivGeneral's cartoons. He was first encountered by the protagonists early in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 in the ruins of Philadelphia, having witnessed the initial attack by the "Gargantua".[2] He had earlier rescued Marsha Conrad from the aftermath of the attack on Washington, D.C.,[3] but never made the familial connection between her and CivGeneral. He was later seen in the same location as the Sniper[4] leading what appear to be Eastern Union mechanized troops against rampaging tanks. Given the presence of the Free Western Army, the locale is implied to be Australia, leading to speculation that Bill may have his own pair of Diplomatic Boots of Speed[5][6].

During the Invasion of Normandy, CivGeneral and Co. discovered Bill's dead body surrounded by Space Nazi casualties. An impromptu funeral was held by the group during a reprieve from combat.[7] Coruscant plans to erect a statue in honor of Bill Overbeck and conduct a proper burial after the end of the Third Nazi War. Eventually, a funeral procession was conducted in his honor along with Kan' Sharuminar. As with Kan, the procession was conducted with an empty casket with his trusty M-16 rifle on the top. Privately, with the original survivors buried him in Arlington Cemetery. [8]

Bill's ghost made a brief appearance during DRAW Your Own Story 11.[9]

Behind the Scenes

CivGeneral carries a Colt Anaconda revolver bearing the name "Spirit of Bill".[10] Overbeck's own sidearm, it was gifted to CivGeneral in the will of the deceased.[3]

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